...know that you guys love are creepy things.

And because I'm kind of busy these days with all the cleaning and cooking we have to do for the damned holiday that's coming up, you'll have to make due with a bunch of crazy as crap pictures.
I'm not going to post anything... well, TOO disturbing (like anything that shows physical harm of any kind), but these will probably give you the willies anyway. In a good way.

This pic was taken in 1940 in Spain. And yes, the people in it ARE taking a part in a religious act. But before you go get your Demon Worshiping Kit, let me also tell you that this is actually a procession of people trying to repent their sins a week before Easter. Oh, and the fun part of this is that they are still doing it even these days: 

Ok let's see another one... 

Well that's an odd looking chair: Children sat on the covered laps of their 'hidden' mothers during photo portrait sessions

Old pictures are usually pretty damn creepy anyways, and besides the trend where people took pictures of their dead relatives, here's a "new" one, that you probably didn't know about. Kids were usually photographed sitting on their mother's lap. You know, so they could keep them relaxed all throughout the process, because, boy, it took ages till a pic like this was made. So, yeah - if you ever come across a pic where a kid is seemingly embraced by some sort of demon - it's just the "ghostmother". 

All right, the next few pics... well, I couldn't find the real story behind them, but I hope it's something about as pleasant as the previous ones: 

Damn. Is that Freddy Krueger? 

Someone seems to have quite a big sugar rush... hanging from the chandelier and stuff... 

Oh, and back in the times when Halloween wasn't for the cute little princess costumes: 

I think I would piss myself if I would come face to face in the middle of the night with one of these guys. 

Who the fuck cares for sanitation, right? Lobotomy is fun! 

Those kids are NOT from The Shining, but I bet that you are probably thinking of it right now. The pic is from somewhere between 1865 and 75. Also, if you are wondering what's wrong with it... the kid on the right is dead. The other one is her sister. I'm not even sure how a parent could do this to their living child, but I would bet that that little girl was scarred for life. 

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What could be more pleasant than taking a nice little pic with your co-workers? How about taking a picture of them while they dissect the cadaver of a murderer? The pic dates 1897. 

Oh, by the way... here's another trend, since I already mentioned one. 

In the old times there were also Pre-mortem photos too! If someone seemed to be really sick, a family member would rush off to get a photographer. I can't imagine who started this, but I believe they must have been pretty damn cruel. I mean... let's just think about this. "Hey, Lucy, stay alive for another hour, dear, until we can get this picture of you." 

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