...am going to do today is to write a post about my favorite TV show intros.

I bet that you remember that post from a couple of days ago with some guy singing and presenting a couple of TV show theme songs.
Well, it gave me the idea to share with you guys MY favorite intros - in no particular order. Feel free to share yours also!

1. The Walking Dead

I freakin' love TWD. I'm so glad that I started it, despite my usual lack of any interest in zombie movies. And the intro is just perfect.

It sets the best mood for a show like this.

2. Game of Thrones 

Just because I can't wait till it airs (which sadly happens one day late over here, but still.) 

I just love the map, and how it actually makes the connection between where everything happens. I have to tell you guys, that while reading the first book I DID have trouble with all the place names - and I would probably still have some trouble with it if the maps wouldn't exist.

3. American Horror Story 

I'm mainly talking about the first one (I really didn't like the second season of it, to tell you the truth), but the title sequence just hits the spot. Oh, and if you had nightmares after yesterday's post, you'll probably have to stay away from this one. BUT, if you LOVE old museums with creepy stuff floating in jars... well. Go ahead. 

4. The Big Bang Theory 

OK, now, just to be cheered up a little, here's something light. 

Also, the Barenaked Ladies are still awesome! Thanks to them, you are probably singing the song right now. 

5. Downton Abbey 

As a comment says.... "This is the one show where I look forward to seeing a dog's ass." 

6. The X-Files 

And now, to go back in time a little bit. The song that every single person probably knows... I present to you the creepy, yet fun X-Files. 

7. The Outer Limits 

I somehow always mistook this one with The Twilight Zone- I don't even know why. Though I have to tell you, I also kind of liked The Outer Limits better than The Twilight Zone. It was a little bit scarier. For me, at least. 

8. Doctor Who 

Don't expect me to say that I watched all the old Doctor Who movies- I didn't. BUT, I will tell you this, I think that the old Intro to the series was WAY better than the one they use now. It has that good old Sci-Fi feeling to it, and goes along with the X-Files and Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits perfectly. Good old fucked-up times, eh? 

9. Carnivale 

Oh, how I miss this show. 

10. Six Feet Under 

I haven't watched the whole series yet (only managed to catch a couple of episodes when it was running, but I have watching this on my to-do list), but the intro is pretty great. 

11. 4400 

Gosh, it DOES seem like I have one type of TV show intro in my mind when it comes to favorites, doesn't it? 

12. Unsolved Mysteries 

This wasn't exactly a show like the previous ones - and that's probably why it's so incredibly creepy.