...want to wish you guys is a very happy Easter.

And yes, we were kind of busy these last days, what with all the cooking and baking and painting we did. So, just as always, I thought I will share a couple of things we did. Ok, let me start with something that doesn't really HAVE to do anything with Easter- but we tried it out this last week and it was pretty good. 

Yeah, baby. 

That's basically a piece of baloney placed in the muffin cup, and a single egg in it. All of it has to be baked in the oven. And if you use silicone cups, it will come out all nice and steady, just like a little cup.  Easy, fast and it looks cool. 

Number two... 

Yummi desserts! 

This one is also incredibly easy and tasty. First, you need some sponge cakes. Then, you make a cream using coconut pudding, butter and sugar. Then, when it gets cold, cut the sponge up in three layers, put some cream between the layers, and also on the outside of the cake. Then, pick it up and roll the creamy parts into coconut. See? Tasty and fast. (The chocolate on top was a cool addition to it, made with cocoa, butter and sugar)

And the third one - that we tried to make after the rainbow cake recipes we found over the internet. 

You see, Emő sent me some cool colorings from England, and this was the first time we used them. It didn't come out the way we wanted, but it was tasty nonetheless. 

This one is basically a white cake, colored with six different shades (that we tried to make with our basic red and blue makes purple knowledge). 

See? These are the raw ones. 

Thanks,  Emő for the colors and also Ágota, Timi and mom for helping out! 

Oh, and since it's Easter, here are some eggs. Don't judge... I was a bit drunk while making them... 

Soooo... yeah. Happy Holidays, everyone!