...am back to is showing you some creepy stuff.

And this time, guys, it will be fictional.
Yes, you guessed it, it will be mainly about the best creepypastas.

What's that? You have no idea what a creepypasta is? A creepypasta is a short novel that you can find on the internet that will shock or scare you. And with this, let the fun begin!

1. Candle Cove

This story is written in the form of a Forum discussion, and it's about a nonexistent local television show for kids.

It starts out with some guy asking the forum members if they remember it, and then a short response comes in with additional details, like a pirate character that's made of all kinds of strange doll parts, and a little girl who imagined herself as their friend. And the villain was apparently called the skin-taker.

The story goes on with someone saying that they had constant nightmares about the show, and then in response to this, the other people talking on the forum say that they all remember it, and it wasn't a nightmare, but an actual episode.

It eventually concludes with one of them saying that they visited an old relative who remembered that they were just watching dead air for half an hour on the TV.

The story isn't long, you can find it HERE if you wish to read it.

2. Slenderman

Of course you know about him, who doesn't? I'm not going to bore you guys with the details of the story, which is written in the form of a bunch of fake quotes from fairy tales, fake drawings and icons that were supposed to be made in the renaissance or something, and fake eye witnesses.

Oh, and by the way, it is said that The Silence from Doctor Who was inspired by Slendy...

You can find the story HERE.

3.  Suicide mouse

This one is not a story per se, it's a video.

It's supposed to be an old Mickey Mouse movie... here, you can check it out yourself:

4. Ben 

This story is one about a video game... well, a haunted video game cartridge. It's freaking long, and it probably affects the people who actually played the Zelda games (I really tried to get into the games but I kind of found it boring...). Anyways, if you have it in you, you can go read it HERE

Apparently it's really popular. 

5. The Russian sleep experiment 

This one is actually one of my favorites, mostly because I can actually see this one happening. Kinda. 

And... well. As the title says it's about some Russian people in an experiment that ends horribly. The story isn't very scary, but it will make your skin crawl from the creepiness of it. If you want it to follow you all week, feel free to read it HERE 

I think I will never be clean again after this.