...am going to continue with today are cool fan theories.

But this time... this time, it will be all about video games!
Now, I have lots of stuffs to do in this weekend, so I'm going to keep this post short, so let's get starting!

1. Pokémon

I have to admit that I watched Pokémon as a child - but only the first one or two seasons of it, so I don't know too much about the whole series after that (and don't remember too much from the first seasons either, to tell you the truth). 

I'm guessing that this theory I'm going to present to you now will come as a surprise only if you are in my shoes, as in - you actually know who Kangashkan and Cubone are, but not much else. 

Anyways, the theory goes like this... Kangashkan is a weird Pokémon, who doesn't evolve, and who is born with a baby in its pouch. 

Now, players of the Pokémon games noticed that this weird little baby resembles Cubone, who is an "orphan" Pokémon, abandoned by its mother. Thus, these same players came up with the idea that once upon a time Cubone was actually the one that evolved into Kangaskhan. 

There is not much else going on with this, but the part where the game also has a glitch which you would get when you visit a certain place on the map and you find a different Pokémon. This Pokémon doesn't really exist, it's kind of just a mash of codes that seemed to be left over when the developers didn't delete the whole of it. 

The fun part is that if you keep this glitched Pokémon and play around with it, when it will level up, it will evolve into Kangaskhan. Neat, eh? 

2. Pokémon II 

Another Pokémon theory, guys... and this one is cooler than the first. It goes like this: 

The game (and story) starts with the main character having no father, and the rival character having no parents at all. In the village the characters live in, the only adult male character is Professor Oak, who is kind of old. 

In fact, the only adult males in the game are either in Gyms or tied up in organized crime. 

Every single time your character visits a town, you can notice that each of them has an up and running medical center... and then later on in the game you meet a certain character, Lt. Surge, who will let a single comment slip about a war. 

So, this kind of means that you are playing around in the game just as a huge war ended in its world... and your character's generation is the first one to actually live in peace. 

Kind of frightening, really. 

3. Mario 

Super Mario Bros

All right, everyone knows the first games (even if you are not a fan of the franchise, you more than likely played at least one Mario game), but how many people noticed the flag at the end of the levels? 

I kind of did, and to tell you the truth, it always reminded me of a mushroom, but here's the thing... according to some people, the flag actually has a peace sign on it. 

Now, fans of the game supposed that this means that the creatures that you have to punch and kick into the ground were once upon a time peaceful. 

In the first games the goombas (mushrooms - it's funny how "gomba" means mushroom in Hungarian) and the koopa troopas (turtles) are pretty peaceful... they don't really do much besides walk around. 

They don't know how to defend themselves, and they are forced to basically stand by as Mario takes over their lands. 

According to the fan theory, Mario is just an obsessed asshole, who wants back his girlfriend, after she left his controlling ass and moved in with Bowser (and actually had a child with him). Oh, and you probably also know the Donkey Kong games, right? 

Well, the guy (Jumpman) is apparently Mario, and the monkey that he tries to kill - and who apparently kidnapped Mario's girlfriend - was once upon a time a pet of Mario's. And because Mario mistreats the animal, at the first chance he gets, he leaves the insane man's place. 

4. Portal 

Yeah, I guess that pic says it all, doesn't it? 

There are actually A LOT of theories going around about Portal, but most of them is about what WILL BE and not what already happened. 

Now, this one is pretty interesting, so I decided to just share it with you guys. 

After the second game came out we kind of figured out the fact that GLaDOS isn't just an every-day robot - she was in fact a human being... well, as much as you can say about yourself when you take basically all your memories and upload it to a machine (is this the future?). 

Anyways, the game developers clearly made GLaDOS in the image of a woman (she was modeled originally after an upside-down version of Botticelli's "Rise of Venus"), but later on she was turned into a figure that kind of looks like a bound and gagged woman. 

Now, the theory goes kind of further, with people stating that the only thing GLaDOS actually wanted was to be "set free". As in, she was clearly "suicidal", and when you go after her in the end you are simply doing what she wanted you to do all along... to kill her. 

And then there is the ending song, which apparently isn't the funny, upbeat song that you thought it was, but it is actually GLaDOS using her sarcasm to tell you how disappointed she is that she is "Still Alive".