...came across a few days ago is an article about fan theories.

And by fan theory, I'm talking about certain things random people come up with related to their favorite fictional universes.
So... I went trough them, and decided to share a few with you guys (as in, I selected the few that impressed me the most).

1. Toy Story

This one is a pretty popular one, it seems. It's basically about the way Andy's dad is always missing when it comes to the plot - all right, we do know the part where it's pretty expensive to animate even one human being, so getting the fewest of them in the plot leads to better economics, right? 

But there is still a loophole, that never gets an explanation... Andy's dad is NEVER around, and there isn't really any mention of him either. Did he die? Did he just left the family? What happened? 

Now, some fan came up with possible the right idea about this. 

The movie has Andy's mother and also his younger sister in it (who could have been replaced by a father quite easily if necessary). Saying this might not be too surprising, after all the father is just not part of the plot. But, there are scenes in the movie that should definitely have the guy in them, like a Birthday celebration and Christmas. 

The guy isn't there when Andy goes to or returns from a camp, and he isn't there when he goes off to college. 

This, of course explains the part why Andy is so attached to his toys. Apparently, if he had a father this wouldn't have happened, especially not with Buzz, who's kind of like an adult already.

The story has pictures of the family all around the house, but we don't get a glance of a father. Now, why would this be? If the father was dead, I would guess you would not take pictures of him down - I don't think that would be normal. 

Andy's father was probably an asshole and he took off. The mother hid the pictures, and we do learn in the first episode that they are moving to a smaller house. Thus this leads to the part where she must have financial problems too - and apparently the way she doesn't really seem to move any furniture explain this as her selling them all. 

2. Friends 


This one is kind of an over the top theory, but hey, it's still out there. 

Some fans came up with the idea that the six characters in the show are actually in a mental asylum together. Why (dear lord, why)? 

Here are the reasons they brought up... the apartments would apparently cost too much to rent, the coffee shop is always letting them do whatever the hell they want, they are dating each other and every time one of them tries to get out of the circle something stupid happens. 

Further on, Chandler can't tell the difference between his mom and dad, Monica hates her parents and tries to get revenge... Phoebe's mom is a basket case (she committed suicide mainly). Janice is supposed to be a projection of Chandler's mind, Joey's multitude of partners are because he is a latent homosexual, Barry is the fear of emotional intimacy, Emma is the Ego, Carol and Emily are paranoia, and so on and so forth. 

Oh and according to this theory Phoebe is the worse of the lot, because she killed and ate her own family and her mind is completely detached from reality. 

My two cents in this is that someone is clearly psychotic, and it's not any of the characters in the series. 

3. Charlie and the Chocolate factory 

You wanted creepy? Here is another one. Wonka is a mass murderer. 

After the first "accident" happens and Augustus is made to disappear the other visitors get on a boat- that has just the exact amount of seats they would need in case two people were not with them anymore. Later on, when they are on the car, it only has four seats. Again, Wonka already knew that there will be people missing by this point. 

Thus the theory goes... and it is also added to it that Wonka makes the candy out of the kids. How did it come to this? 

Well, besides the whole trip trough the factory, there is also the part where Wonka fires every single worker from the factory because they wanted to find out the "secret recipe". 

Then, when Augustus falls into the chocolate river, he is sucked up in a large pipe. A pipe large enough to suck up a pretty big human being? Why is that needed in a chocolate factory? 

Next, Veruca is openly killed in the front of everyone. After that, Wonka demonstrates that he actually has a technology that can turn a human being into blueberries. 

Oh, and the novel apparently has an omitted chapter, with a sixth child, who falls down into a mixer to be chopped up. In this chapter Wonka even jokes with the terrified mother that the girl's remains will be used in a recipe... 

4. Aladdin 

This theory is pretty simple, and it goes like this... the story starts out with the merchant showing you a bunch of interesting stuff he sells. And then... then he tells the nice little story of Aladdin. 

And, as things like these usually go - the whole story is a big bullshit told by a guy who just wants some profit. 

5. The Flintstones and The Jetsons 

These two series always seemed too freaking close to each other to me, and now I can actually understand why. 

According to a theory the Jetsons and the Flintstones live in the same era, in the future. The whole human world broke into two - one of them who embraces the modern world, and the other who tries to live how their ancestors lived. This would explain the talking dinosaurs, and the modern looking machines that the Flintstones use. 

This would explain why the Flintstones celebrate Christmas, why they have pretty good economy (with money that looks like an Illuminati fan would LOVE).

Oh, by the way, in the movie where the Jetsons hop on a time machine that is supposed to bring them to the future, they end up meeting the Flintstones. Sure, the movie says that it was a glitch in the machine... but what if it DID work, and the Flintstones love down there - on the "barren Earth", where no modern person dares to step, because at some point in history humanity kind of destroyed it? 

Think about a Wall-E kind of Earth... 

6. Signs 

i'm one of those people who watched this movie about 5 times when it came out, mostly because I kind of liked it. Yeah, there... I'm a stupid asshole. Anyways, after so many people said how incredibly crazy the whole thing is, I kind of got a happy feeling when I stumbled upon this theory. 

Apparently, Signs is not about aliens at all. 

The reason the creatures die when they come in contact with "water" is not because they are too stupid to realize that the Earth is mostly water. It's because they had the incredible luck of ending up at a priest's house, who - as priests do- has the ability to bless water. 

And THUS, the aliens turn out to be actually demons. 

Funnily enough, the movie doesn't have any alien technology in it, just some naked creeps running around and a few weird lights in the sky. 

There is also the part where everyone seems to think they are different "people"... the policeman thinks they are pranksters, the bookstore owner says they are a hoax, the army officer says they are an invading military, and the priest thinks that they are there to test his faith. 

The little girl in the movie is referred to as "holy", and everyone who saw her when she was born said that she was an "angel". She goes around the house, placing holy water everywhere. 

At the end of the movie there is a news on the radio, that says that people in the Middle East found an ancient method of killing the beasts. 

Oh and the movie is apparently full of christian iconography too - the title first and foremost, the crucifixes everywhere, and the whole priest business. 

So what do you think about these, guys? Are they good? Are they insane?