am going to give you guys today are a couple of cool little stories.

And when I say stories, I actually mean things that happened. So.... check this out, and feel free to tell me what the odds are of these things happening.
1. Double childhood photo

So here's the situation... you are sitting at home, going trough your childhood pictures, and to your amazement you happen on a pic that also incorporate a parent of your future husband. Freaky? Yeah- it happened. Donna Voutsinas was doing just that one day, and she came across a pic about the time when she visited Disneyland as a child. 

As she looked at the pic more carefully, she noticed that the guy in the background was none other than the father of her new husband - and he was pushing a stroller, with none other than her husband. 

Before you say there's nothing interesting in this, the two families didn't know each other when they were kids - and they didn't even live in the same country. 

2. Christine or Final Destination 

You probably heard about this one already, but I'll post it nonetheless - also, I'll have to say that I don't believe in "curses", but this is certainly creepy anyways. Just like a Stephen King novel. 

Anyway, the story goes like this - in 1955 James Dean was killed in a car accident. And this is where the "curse" started. Apparently, when the car was towed away from the accident, its engine slipped out of the wreck and fell on a mechanic, who promptly got a few weeks off of his job - and two broken legs too. This engine was later bought by a doctor, who put it into a racing car, and as it usually goes with these kind of things, he was killed in a race. 

In this same race, another guy supposedly died - who, coincidentally had James Dean's driveshaft fitted into his car. 

Anyways, some times later people fixed up the Porsche... only so the garage they put it in to be destroyed by fire. 

And it doesn't end here. The car was later displayed, but the terrible luck continued, because it slipped off its mount and broke a teenager's hip. Later, in another city, the trailer that the car was mounted on slipped from its place and smashed trough the front of a shop, and to end all of this, in 1959 the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces while it was sitting on steel supports. 


3. Dodging a bullet 

Sometimes you can be incredibly lucky. Other times, you end up as a dumbass who wins a Darwin award. 

Henry Ziegland broke up with his girlfriend when she tried to commit suicide. Her brother, enraged at this pulled out a bullet and shot him. When he realized what he did, he also shot himself. But here comes the twist. Ziegland wasn't dead, because the bullet got lodged in a tree that was not too far from him. The guy, knowing that this was pretty amazing, tried to cut down the tree which had the bullet in it. 

Only he was a dumbass, and he decided that a good axe or a saw would not be good enough. He blew up the tree with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into the guy's head, and he died right there. 


4. Deja Vu 

A guy was riding his moped in 1975, when he got into an accident. The taxi that killed him was in the neighborhood one exact year later - driven by the same guy, carrying the same exact passenger. They struck another guy, who was riding the first guy's moped, and to make it even more weird, this new dead guy turned out to be none other but the first person's brother. 

I guess these things can't even happen in movies. 

5. The Titan curse 

You might have heard about the book Morgan Robertson wrote a few years before the Titanic sank.  This book (1898) is about an unsinkable ship that strikes an iceberg and sinks. The book's tragedy happens in April (just like Titanic), it has 3000 passengers (Titanic had 2207), and 24 lifeboats (Titanic had 20). Oh, and the ship was called Titan. 

Okay but this is not enough. 

A few months later after the Titanic sank a steamer was on the same route the Titanic was before. A young boy was made into the watch, and he kind of felt weirded out by the whole thing. When the steamer got to the point where the Titanic sank, the boy sounded the alarm and they stopped the ship. Just in time too, because there was a big chunk of iceberg was floating right in that spot. 

Oh, and the steamer's name was Titanian. 

6. Lightning! 

There's an old saying that lightning never hits the same spot twice. It's a stupid saying. 

And not just because of that guy who got struck by lightning 7 times and lived. 

In 1899 a guy was standing in his backyard, when a lightning struck him dead. Thirty years later, the guy's son was standing in the same exact spot when a lightning struck him dead too. In 1949, which means 20 years later after this incident, Rolla Primarda was standing in the same spot again, and he was also killed. Who was Rolla? He was the grandson of the first guy and the son of the second. 

I think they really pissed off Thor. 

7. Books and writers 

To close this post with a happy coincidence, I'M going to tell you the following short little story of Anne Parrish. She visited Paris in 1920, when she found a book that was one of her favorite book when she was a child. 

Nothing interesting happened, until he went home and showed the book to her husband. 

When the man opened it, you can guess what the book's first page read: "Anne Parish, 209 N. Webber Street, Colorado Spring". 

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen - it was the book she actually owned. 

Oh, and by the way- this didn't happen only once either. I heard about quite a few stories where a bookworm goes into a random used book shop and finds something that she lost as a kid. 

So... yeah. Book ARE magic.