...am happy about is today's little "trip".

I think it was really worth it. Why? Well, let me tell you about it.
First off, I have to clear this out: this "trip" consisted of me going to Uni, but this time not for classes. Instead, "I" had to attend to the meteorologic station from where I will have to gather info for my dissertation.

Now that's out of the way, I can tell you about the things I saw while I was out (it's interesting how  a few seemingly unimportant things can make your day).

While I was on my way towards the bus, I had a few random encounters - not the kind where you have to stop and talk to people for just a little; although I have to admit that I rarely do that, even when I see someone I haven't seen for a long while. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of this "catching up" business, especially when they ask about me.

But back to business. The first encounter happened just a few minutes after exiting my home. An old guy was walking up the street, with an eerie smile. He was short, he had a big belly, he was wearing a lack coat, and a black hat, had a long white beard, and did I mention that they guy looked exactly like George R.R. Martin?

I grinned at him as I walked by, and the guy was probably freaking confused about the whole thing (I mean, wouldn't you be if a random person just started grinning at you on the street?). 

The second encounter came in the form of a possibly husband and wife - or it's possible they were just boyfriend and girlfriend... 

Anyways, I was just about to reach the bus station, when they looked like they started fighting. I kind of shortened my steps, and tried to make a nice little curve to avoid them (I have already seen gypsies arguing in the street, and believe me, it's not a nice sight). The woman, just to prove every single feminist wrong, took a turn around and walked off in a huff. 

The poor guy, left there standing in the street after everyone witnessed his shame took off after the girl. 

While keeping my bag closely to myself (I'm still a suspicious bastard), I noted all of this - and chuckled to myself as I hoped that they will not get on the same bus with me. Which they did, though after the first stop I lost sight of them. 

Probably because I spotted another look-alike. This time it was a young girl, who reminded me terribly of that girl from iCarly... the blonde one (I had to look her up because I didn't know what her name was. It's Sam, apparently). 

And yeees, to my embarrassment I used to sometimes watch that show when my sister was watching it. 

Oh, and the whole thing didn't end here, no sir. 

After a long hour of waiting for my professor - while I had the good fortune of running into a student I know in the laboratory -, I had the "fortune" of going into the little garden behind the building. 

It's not like the place is barred or anything, but I rarely go into that part of the building, and thus I kind of managed to always walk by it without going in. 

Which is kind of sad, because today I realized that it's the first day in years since I could actually smell Spring. 

In the city these last few years I missed it, mainly because in the places I am from I can only smell car fumes and garbage. And to celebrate the whole thing I even grabbed a leaf (of a dandelion), and smelled it all the way home, like a junkie. 

So, yeah guys. If my senses are true, Spring is here. Which means, that it came right in time for my sister's Birthday. Which is tomorrow. 

She's from when the nice, warm days start, and I'm from when they end. It's kind of funny, when you think about it that way.