...think I'm going to waste my time with today are all kinds of videos.

Which means, my dears, that today you'll be getting a "random videos that you should watch right about now" post.
But let's not spend too much time on babbling...

1. Perpetual Ocean

This video is basically about the ocean currents around the whole world. It was made by NASA, between the periods of June 2005 and December 2007.

2. JK Wedding Entrance Dance 

Don't ask me how I came upon this video, I just did. And oh boy, I'm glad I did, too! It's freaking hilarious, the awkward way they move - and it's incredibly fun and real. I love it, this depicts everything a ceremony should actually be. 

3. Pool on a cruise ship 

For us poor people who have never been on a cruise ship before, it might seem kind of weird that for a long time you couldn't find a pool table on them, mostly because until you actually get on a ship you don't realize how much the "ground" moves under your feet. Although I did experience this lightly when I was in Venice, but not to this degree. 

4. Daytime fireworks

I have seen normal fireworks shot up when it wasn't totally dark out, but these are not it. These fireworks seem to be made especially for daytime shootings, and I find them pretty damn cool. Check it out:

5. Flyboard 

Here's a vid about an awesome new invention, the Flyboard. I won't even ruin it with trying to explain, you just have to check it out: 

6. How close can you get to a train? 

I believe that I have seen this one before, though I'm not sure where (Amazing Race, perhaps?) Still, it never seizes to amaze me how people will adapt to everything. And although many people would probably think that this was pretty sad, I think it's awesome. I especially liked the part where they set up the shades after the train passes.