...have to tell you guys is that today was an awesome day.

Ágota and I went for a little walk, and we saw a whole bunch of things that was definitely worth the waiting (even though it's freaking hot outside).
Our first stop was beside a large supermarket, where the recent Circus is currently residing. We had the fortune of being there when the camels and the llama were outside (although we missed the lions). Still, besides a zoo, I don't think I have ever been this close to a camel - and the llama was walking around without any sort of guards or leash besides us...

The llama was cute and the camels were HUGE - I somehow didn't remember them being so huge. Anyway, it was freakin' awesome... I made some pics for you guys.

And then, we went to look at some old cars, right besides the circus too: 

And last but not least, what made our days was the fact that we could be a part of the country's first mobile Observatory.

As much as we had no idea how it will be, it was EPIC!

We were ushered in under a little dome, we lied down on the ground like you would do in your bed, and we were presented by a whole bunch of amazing pictures.

I swear, I never had a half an hour pass so fast in my life!

Sadly I didn't bring pics for you guys from this, because it was just a show... but I have to tell you it made me want to do it over and over again.

How about you guys? Did you have a good day?