...know that you already know about me is that I like browsing for future technologies.

A few days back I went trough a list of new technologies over the internet, and thus I bring you the third post in this topic!

Here are the things I found...

1. Japan is planning on installing Solar Panels on the Moon

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The article is mainly about how the Japanese wanted to develop new ways to get energy, and it appears that this is our next step. The corporation that will be working on this is called Shimizu Corporation, and they are planning on building a 12 mile wide, 6800 mile long belt on the Moon, and apparently they will beam the energy to Earth via microwaves and lasers. 

You can find the short article here. 

2. The Venus Project 

I'm guessing most people know who Jacque Fresco is, and if not feel free to go the the main site of The Venus Project. It's really only hypothetical until now, but it does have a huge following, and I can kind of see something close enough to this happening in the future. 

Here's a short video about how they are planning new cities to be (although I still don't know what will happen to the current cities): 

3. Urban farming

As we all know it, in recent years farms are getting crappier and crappier because of the weather. Thus, people are coming u with new ideas how to make them more productive. Thus came the idea of Urban farming, that's made up of 30 story skyscrapers - each building providing enough food for 50000 people.

You can find the full article here.

4. Flexible 3D TV

I love new gadgets, mostly because when I see something new I know that in a couple of years (when it gets down to a decent price) I shall own them. Now, the new craze - after the LCD, HD, 3D and whatever new TV you just bought last year this will be another reason to get something "better". 

The huge LCD TV will be flexible and foldable, it will let you enjoy 3D content everywhere, and it can be taken everywhere you want. 

Samsung says this will be available in about 5 years from now. Get ready, guys! 

5. Microsoft Home

I'm not going to say anything about this one, only that the video I'm showing you is a prototype of what the current technology could do for your home.