...can tell you guys is that these last two days were kind of crappy.

Even now there are people working on something under my window, and it's driving me nuts. My brain is trying to climb out of my skull trough my nostrils, I'm tired and I can feel the ground shaking under my feet (and to tell you the truth I wake up every morning to my bed vibrating because of the constant building... and I still have no idea what they are actually doing). 

My mobile phone broke - it managed to get a bath in soap bubble liquid- and I can't get my sister's bed to work (I think it's a screw again)... I went to Uni three times this week without a good enough reason - I did have classes, but because of different problems we didn't spend too much time on them - , so I just spent my time with travelling via bus there and back uselessly (thankfully I can travel with the bus free, so at least I didn't have to pay for this).

All in all I didn't accomplish much...

And to top it all off I also finished watching every episode of the 70's show yesterday (even though the last series was pretty crappy, it still made me kind of emotional... I'm guessing it's because the constant bad luck this week), so I don't have anything to cheer me up. 

Ah well, I guess I shall watch The Nanny. It's high time that I finish every episode of it, since till now I only managed to catch a few of the on TV. 

Anyways, guys, I wish you all a better day than I had... but hey, at least it didn't end with a boom for me. 

Oh, too soon? 

(Tell that to the couple of people I passed on my way home today with the bus, who were in an accident...)