...sometimes dream about is the place I want to live in.

Yeah, I'm a woman, and I don't think there is a single woman out there who never imagined the best home for herself.
Yeah, and now I probably disappointed a lot of people, but let me assure you guys that I never imagined what my wedding, my children or my husband would be like, mostly because I don't care about those things :D

Yeah, I just want the fortune (and even that only so I could have my house).

Anyways, here's what I have planned until now.

The house!

I don't think that I could have a home without a house, and since I found this picture (ages ago), I kind of wanted to live in a house like this. As in, covered with plants. Oh, and don't take that bridge into account, I'm not going to live under it (eh... who knows).

Oh. Right. The pic.

It's not like I will NEED a house as large as this -, but since I have a large family who insist on keeping in touch I have the feeling I will need it. 

Aaand, Here's what I planned for my surroundings: 

Free Nature wallpaper - HD Landscape 3 wallpaper - 1680x1050 wallpaper - Index 2

Yeah that's a virgin forest. I think that if I will ever go out there as drunk as I am now, I'm definitely going to see leprechauns. 

I wouldn't mind if the forest was bisected with a little flowing water (is it creek?), something like this:

And it will also need a little clearing where I will be able to gather wild flowers because I will become a hippy after finishing that 70's show for the fifth time. 

Free Nature wallpaper - HD Landscape 5 wallpaper - 1680x1050 wallpaper - Index 9

I also want a big house because I will want a library. Actually I want a personal library right now too, but I think that I will want one when I will get my house too. 

And if I have a library I will need a little place where I can go read the books when it's raining outside. Or when it's snowing. Or when I'm not in the mood for nature. Oh, you get the point. 

I will also have a personal bedroom that will be only available for me (I will need the privacy if people will want to visit). Everyone else can have normal rooms, but I always wanted an attic room, so that's what I'll get. 

It will be something like this: 

Without that stupid cat picture of course. 

I will want at least two bathrooms too, because growing up with only one was pretty bad. And just to punish my visitors I will have the second bathroom connected to my own bedroom, so I'm the only one who can get to it. 

I'll have to get rid of those stairs, though, because I will more than likely fall on my face when I get out of the bathtub. 

Of course I will need guest rooms too. 

I think that would be enough. It looks way better than any hotel I've been in. 

Oh, and then there is the kitchen, of course. I want a huge kitchen. So I can perform a weird and utterly horrific dance while I'm burning the dinner. 

I'm going to have a dining room: 

And leading up to my room I will need stairs: 

I will want a fireplace: 

And an awesome gaming room, which needs to be big because I'm a loser and I always wanted a large space where I can finish up HUGE puzzles: 

And I will also have a nice little garden, because I will have to have something to look after, otherwise I would just sit around and play video games until my ass falls off. 

And because I will be a crazy animal person (I almost said cat, but I realized I don't like cats), I will have a bunch of animals running around: 

I will have at least one dog: 

Birds - a cockatoo, because they looks badass. 

And an owl - a little one: 

A white ferret, because I don't even know why. 

And a sloth, because who doesn't want one? 

A snake! Because I always wanted a pet snake to wrap around my arm. 

Also Ball pythons looks cool. 

I also want an axolotl since I read the Pendragon Legend. 

A skunk because they are really cute: 

Ooooh, and I want a Belgian Draft Horse! 

Oh, fuck it... I'll just open up a zoo.