...mentioned in an older post is that if I will ever have enough money to get a house, I will surely build in a secret door or two.

And since I think that every single person who reads and watched adventure stories probably thinks the same way I do, I thought that today I shall present to you guys a few clever secret doors.
1. Mirror door

Don't ask me how you would close this door from the outside, but I still think that this one is pretty cool. Now this only needs to be set up with a semi-transparent glass, so whenever someone tries to check themselves out in it I could scare the hell out of them... 

2. Staircase 

Actually, one of my old friends who used to live in a house had something similar - but it's still pretty cool. I do hope that those stairs can hold good weights tho. 

3. Under the stairs 

Harry Potter style, everyone. Although this one hides something pretty small, I can imagine a whole new room opening up as soon as you hit the wall of the closet. 

4. Wine rack 

Well, if you can do it with books, why not with some booze too, right? 

Besides... that room over there looks a pretty nice place to spend some lonely nights in. 

5. Stone wall 

Stone Hidden Door

Holy crap, man... how cool is that? It gives me the feeling that I live in a Scooby Doo episode. 

6. Wardrobe 


And here's a Narnia style secret room (and do I remember correctly if I say that there was one like this in the Secret Garden too? 

7. Fireplace 

Red Marble Fireplace Passageway

This one isn't too safe if you ask me (after all, who would want to risk walking into an open fire, right? But still... witchcraft! 

8. Full floor 

Besides the fact that I find houses like this kind of pretty, I love the part where they made a whole garage look like an extra floor. Clever.