...am going to tell you guys is that traveling via bus builds your character.

Why, you ask? 

Well, I made a short little list for you guys. First off, you meet new people. 

Sure, you'll wish them to the seventh level of hell most of the time, but it's still something. 

You'll get up to date with the current news (who's in which hospital, whose relative traveled where, Who needs their ears pumped out and so on and so forth). 

You'll be able to finally get a confirmation of your superior intelligence. 

You'll learn how to deal with weirdos (look out the window and pretend you're not there). 

You'll learn how to deal with people who want to sit down in your seat (look out the window and pretend you're not there). 

You'll develop a better immune system (you might as well lick over the doorknob in a toilet). 

You'll learn how to hypnotize yourself (free half an hour of spacing out without being openly judged. Or... well. Who cares? You'll never meet this people again!)

You'll learn new languages (gypsy, especially, because if there are there you won't be able to hear anything else. Might as well put on your headphones, look out the window and pretend you're not there). 

You'll learn responsibility (check every fifth minute if you still have your wallet, phone or your bag). 

You'll learn that there is nothing more fun than ending up at the front of the bus with people pushed against you from every possible direction, while you pop in the POTC theme song, grab onto something to keep you upright and pretend you are the captain of a ship. 

You'll learn to be able to support weird smells (especially in the summer). 

You'll learn to be able to support weird temperatures (in summer, when you are pressed up against the motor house, and in winter when you end up anywhere near the doors). 

You'll learn how to treat people (push against them until the door closes, inviting them to each other's person, while you lean back against the door happy for the fresh air that you can feel coming from between the cracks in the doors). 

You'll learn new and colorful swear words. 

You'll learn that if you are standing it's not the best thing to wear headphones with wires (the next overly perfumed lady with the huge bag will take it with her at the first possible stop, leaving you with either bleeding ears or with a future bill to pay for your next pair of headphones). 

And finally... 

You'll learn that there is no such thing as a requested bus stop around this town... but that the buttons DO work (Dl. -Mr.- Goe moment).