...am bringing you guys today are a couple of songs.

And the list I made for you guys is mostly built upon songs that are a must have on your phone or Ipod  or whatever you use for this kind of thing - when you are in the middle of nature.
And when I say nature, I mean the New Zealand kind of nature... or maybe Iceland, and Scotland, and... eh, you get the picture. NOT a tropical island, that's for sure.

1. Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis

This one is so you get into the mood of it. It kind of makes me want to run around in dewy grass, barefooted, at dawn. 

2. Life is Beautiful by Vega 4

This one is for the lazy hours after you had lunch... you know, when you place a blanket under the trees and you watch clouds pass you by. 

3. You Can't Take Me by Bryan Adams

And this one is once again reserved to open fields full with wild flowers. 

4. Legend by Adrian von Ziegler 

Ready for some adventuring? Here's some good little trip trough fantasy land! (I also recommend it if you are trying to come up with a new story). By the way... Adrian's songs are pretty great, feel free to check them all out. And when I say feel free, I mean do so. NOW. 

5. Wolf Blood by Adrian von Ziegler 

If my life would have a soundtrack, it would definitely be this kind of music. As I said, Adrian is a genius. 

6.  Lord of the Rings Medley by Lindsey Stirling 

As I said... New Zealand rocks. I will definitely visit the place in the future. I don't even have to paint a picture for you guys here, the video speaks for itself. 

7. Dragon Age Origins, track 1 by Inon Zur (vocals Aubrey Ashburn) 

There will be no occasion on which I hear this that I don't get goosebumps. If you ever come across an old ruin of a castle in the middle of nowhere, this is what you will need. Believe me. 

8. The voice by Celtic Woman 

To get back to the place where we started off from, I present to you guys Celtic Woman (I bet you know the band). The Voice is my favorite song from them (besides Dulaman). Enjoy, and have a nice weekend!