...had to re-watch today were the interval acts and opening acts of the Eurovision semi finals.

Yeah, we have one more day and the finals are here (and considering how awesome some of the acts have been this time, I'm hoping the finalé will be amazing).

Anyways, I wanted to share them with you guys, maybe you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

First off, the opening act of the first semi-final, Loreen, of course! I also have to tell you guys that this is both amazingly beautiful, and also kind of creepy. Why? Well, there are a couple of moments in it, where it looks like she's a pretty little witch, controlling the kids (think that story about that guy and the rats...). Also, when the cute little chubby kid sings in that high pitched voice and she is standing behind him... goosebumps. Besides, that kid reminded me of the Lord of the Flies for some reason.

Anyways, this is amazing!

And the interval act, presented by the Northern Lights: 

Oh, and of course the opening act of the second semi-finals: 

The second interval act wasn't that amazing, at least for me - it was just a couple of people singing... but here, check it out! 

Well, what can I say about the show up until now? Most of the songs were boring, of course, but that's not such a big surprise. Besides Switzerland not making it into the Finals, I don't think that there was any more disappointments - both Hungary and Romania got in, which DID get me surprised. 

Also, as much as I hate Romania's contestant this year, I do have to admit that they made a good show of it, and a lot of people will remember the transvestite Dracula. 

I have to tell you, that my sister and I have a nickname already for almost all contestants this year (Lucius Malfoy, Hunger Games, transvestite Dracula, Hipster, Blaine, Towel Girl, Generic Pop, Free Beer, Sarah Jessica Parker's baby, and Jodie come to mind), and that I just realized that I'm getting pretty old, because they showed us some snippets from older Eurovision shows, and I realized that I was actually sitting in front of the TV on their 50th anniversary, which was 7 freaking years ago. 


And here's the two "history" videos (they are actually pretty funny):

Oh, and speaking of funny, here's a few seconds that made me laugh: 

So what do you think about it till now, guys? Could I rely upon them making a good show of it in the finals? 

Why am I so excited over a stupid show anyway?

I guess I can't wait to see how far down the list Hungary will end up :P