...happened upon a couple of days ago is a socionics site.

I was just having a little fun before going to bed by browsing the internet and Stumbleupon lead me to the place.
I have to tell you that I almost instantly clicked on the stumble button when I saw the site come up, but  for some strange reason I decided two minutes before this happened to actually spend some time on every site I come across of.

I ended up reading the site all freaking night long (which doesn't mean that I know too much about socionics or anything related to it, but it was fascinating).

And as you already probably know by now, when it comes to these things I just HAD to box myself into a category - it's kind of like with all the horoscope and other voodoo stuff (only this appears to be real).

Anyways, let me tell you what I'm going on and on about... Socionics is apparently a new and developing branch of psychology that's based on Carl Jung's work on Psychological Types, his theory of the conscious ans unconscious, and Antoni Kepinski's theory of information metabolism.

 Now, according to socionics there are sixteen Psychological Types in the world - all of them based on four opposite pairs of preferences (extrovert vs introvert, sensing vs intuition, thinking vs feeling, perceiving vs judging).

After only reading the description of these eight different ways of dealing with information, I instantly cornered myself into the great big pit of INTp (intuitive-logical intratim, or The Observer).

Of course, that was only based on what I thought of myself, so I just had to take some tests on it too (you know... online tests that you find around).

Funnily enough, I was definitely right in the first three letters. I am an absolute INT - only according to the tests I took, the last letter for me is not p - it's j (INTj is Logical-Intuitive Intratim, or The Analyst).

Now, as I said I would probably have to get a diploma in the field to be able to say that I'm an expert in the field, so I might be wrong about a couple of things in what I'm going to write down next (thus, if you know more about the topic at hand feel free to correct me).

Ok, now let me get down to business... the business being: am I INTp or INTj?

Well, I went trough a couple of forum posts, and I kind of came to the conclusion that I'm an INTp with a slight leaning toward the j part, mostly because of the way I was raised. Why? Let me elaborate on it - and possibly try to explain a couple of things for those who don't know what the hell are INTp and INTj.

An INTp doesn't like too much excitement, especially when someone else shows it openly. An INTp doesn't like emotional attachments, or commitments. INTp's always stick to the rules, even though they hate them and fear them. INTp's are comfortable with routines. INTp's usually don't know if they are INTp's or INTj's - and thus they sign themselves as INTx's.

INTp's will make you want to hit your head in a wall sometimes - mostly because they will not accept anything concrete and solid "just because".

INTp's will debate things "just because", and if you will sit down to talk with an INTp about any singular topic, expect to end up talking about something totally different and left wondering how the hell did you get to that point.

An INTp CAN be convinced of mostly anything if you bring good enough reasons for it, and they will switch their views on things quite easily. And INTp is never too committed to something.

An INTp is natively intuitive. An INTp is freaking annoyed when you shove HUGE theories in their faces because they like to actually understand things, and big words are usually not something they understand.

An INTp has a well developed imagination. INTps are curious, and they will have a lot of info about a bunch of random things that interest them. They are cautious, wise, and clear sighted.

An INTp will most of the time spend too much of his or her attention on certain things, and thus they will get freaking bored with it WAY before they would get to the end of it. As I said, an INTp will abandon almost everything if not pressed.

An INTp can be skeptical about new things, especially if it requires lots of energy.

An INTp is conservative, passive and they are pessimists most of the time.

They have constant sorrowful look in their eyes as if someone is torturing them constantly. When they talk, their lower lips usually arches downward.

Although they are purely introverts, some of them will behave in a very extroverted manner.

Whenever you talk to an INTp you will feel that he or she is extremely wise and has a lot of life experience - they just talk like that even if it's not true. They will also have the ability to ask for things in such a way that you won't be able to refuse them.

INTp's don't give a fuck about what they look like. They will often wear old and worn down clothes.

An INTp can be fucking vulgar sometimes, and INTps will curb your enthusiasm when you want to try something new. An INTp will keep everyone from being passionate because they fucking hate emotions.

INTps are relaxed, and they will only want to do something that has a considerate profit for them. An INTp hates giving presents or lending things to others and because of this (and possible because of their "fashion" sense), they will always make themselves look like they are fucking poor.

An INTp will always do everything freaking slowly, and they are the people who always have to check at least three times if everything is in order before leaving their home - water, gas, electricity, windows, keys, wallet, mobile phone.

Noooow... INTj's.

INTj people are the weirdest people in the whole fucking world. INTj people don't give a flying fuck about what people think about them.

An INTj person is very logical.

An INTj doesn't give a fuck about hygiene - for being so smart, they can be absolute retards when it comes to the basic needs of their bodies (they will often have troubles remembering to take a bath or clean up a little).

An INTj is socially handicapped. They are freaking afraid on any intimacy.

INTjs will always be unable to actually guess what people nearby are thinking about them, thus they will fucking piss you of most of the time- mostly because they think that by getting you angry you will "spill the beans" so to say. Thus, the only way to talk to an INTj person is to be sincere and straight to the point.

An INTj person will always do over the top things. If you ever ask an INTj person to cook you a dinner, be sure that that dinner will suffice for half an army.

An INTj hates stupid people. An INTj is constantly sarcastic, EXACTLY because he or she hates stupid people, and you are the king of stupid.

An INTj has a strong sense of justice - they will more than likely ignore anything on the side and stick to the point.

An INTj will never show their true emotions, mostly because they have no idea how to reflect their feelings via facial expressions, thus an INTj will always look cold, emotionless, severe and distant.

If you would somehow manage to actually build an emotional connection with an INTj person, be sure that sooner or later they will try to avoid you like the plague.

INTj people lack self confidence, thus they will have a lot of problems when it comes to actually using their talents. They lack determination and they do not like big changes.

Although you might think that they are mostly emotionless, it is fairly easy to get them excited - and when they get excited they look as if they were unsure where they are going.

They will stick to simple clothes (I would hazard a guess and even say that if they find something comfortable enough they will buy more than one pair of it, just to avoid the whole thing again).

They will never show initiative first, but they will talk clearly and logically. They have the tendency to emphasize important things. They will stay to the point and avoid anything that's irrelevant.

As I said before it is really easy to get an INTj person excited - the only thing you have to do is to find a topic that they are passionate about, but if you can't find an interesting topic for them, they will stop talking to you quite early in.

They will keep silent and they won't contribute with anything to topics they don't give a fuck about, BUT they will always give everyone a chance to say what they want to say.

And they will never, EVER take an initiative to talk about their interests and privet lives.

An INTj person is very independent - they need to feel that they are free. An INTj person is not demanding. INTj people are modest and they are happy with the bare minimum when it comes to comfort.

An INTj person will stick to what he or she likes for a very long time, no matter what other people will say about this.

An INTj will ignore the rules, concepts and directives, if they are standing in his or her way.

If you have someone around you that you can't for the life of you understand, and who seems to not have a life - you can be pretty sure that he or she is an INTj. Most people can't suffer them.

Soo... they seem kind of similar, don't they? I thought so too.

Both of them are full of logic - but the catch is, their logic is very different. An INTj person will examine everything according to some rules, and if he or she sees that there is no contradiction, they will accept it as right. An INTp person's logic on the other hand is used in their creativity, thus the same exact rule may apply on one thing and not on another one.

INTp people are are preoccupied with theory. If you ever meat one don't be surprised to find them with their heads in the clouds - they are constantly daydreaming and they find it hard to return to real life. Thus, if an INTp person seems like he or she is not interested in what you are talking about, don't get insulted. They might just be distracted by the ideas running around in their heads.

INTp people LOVE to analyse things, and they love innovation. They have complicated and creative minds. They will eagerly break apart every single idea and belief that everyone else takes as granted. They have no idea how people can stick to their ideas, when their ideas have no logical sense behind them.

They don't like small talk. They will ignore the social niceties when they can analyse and criticize other people's illogical beliefs.

If you ever want to find an INTp person, here are some ideas where they could be hiding: at art or cultural events, playing strategy games, taking classes, working with computers, writing, hiking or meditating.

INTp people will study at least one foreign language. They are the people who will try out alcohol and drugs when in college (most frequent type to go overboard). They are the people who will be always dissatisfied with their careers. They ALWAYS have lower grades than they actually know. Their personal values are autonomy, freedom and independence.

INTp people don't really give a rats ass about practical applications, they prefer to come up with ideas and leave the implementation to others.

When an INTj person visits you on the other hand, be sure that his or her mind is already thinking about ways that your home could be improved. They have the talent of seeing the possibilities in everyone and everything. They are drawn to logical systems, and they are never comfortable around people and their emotions.

They will try to only associate with people they find intellectually stimulating.

INTjs are often perfectionists with HUGE standards. This means that if you ever ask one of them a question, they will examine the topic from every single angle and then give you an extremely complex answer.

Although an INTj person is insecure when it comes to their body, they can not be any more secure with their intelligence. They will tell you their ideas with confidence and they will expect you to understand the wisdom behind their words.

Their hobbies usually include reading, cultural events, taking classes, playing video games and taking on independent sports like swimming or running.

INTj people are very unlikely to suffer heart disease and cardiac problems, and they will not have anything to do with a higher spiritual power. They are the people who have the highest grades in schools, and the ones who have the highest incomes after it. They will never state that they value their family, financial security, friendships or community service.


So, as I said, I DO have some leaning towards the j part, but writing all of this down managed to convince me that I AM a p. I guess Occam's razor works well in this too.

What do you think guys? I'm kind of curious about the opinion of people who actually know me - do they think that this is accurate? I always thought that I know myself enough to be able to cope without a psychiatrist or something, but I AM curious about the accuracy.

Also, guys which type out of the 16 are you? You can of course search around the internet about it (there is a LOT of info, believe me), or if you are just curious and not THAT into the whole thing, feel free to check this site out. It gives a really short description of all the 8 different ways of dealing with information, and then you can go from there. There are also tests, articles, Q&A, and a forum on it if you are even more interested.

But after you are finished, don't forget to come back and comment!