...showed you guys a long time ago were beautiful gardens.

But I left out the fact that there are some truly amazing vertical gardens out there that need to be showed around (and possibly made famous)
1. Birmingham NEC's Living Wall

Living Wall at the Birmingham NEC

In the UK there is a group of people working on all kinds of Living Walls, and the one you see above is just a start. Here are some of the projects they worked on until now, but for the full profile you can visit their gallery

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2. Le Mur Vegetal in Paris

Well, we all know by now that France has one or two amazing gardens, but let me show you this pic:

Le Mur Vegetal at the Musée du quai Branly

This was made by Patrick Blanc, the modern innovator of the vertical gardens (vertical gardens were "invented" about 50 years before Patrick's time, but he is the guy who made it popular and modern). He also designed the next ones: 

The Pont Max Juvénal Overpass

Madrid Caixa Forum

3. Sears Swathed in Green, Vancouver

A Sears Swathed in Green

This was made by Mike Weinmaster, and this is not the only wall he designed. 

Chimney Garden

The photo above is a chimney garden, made by the same guy, and also the following, which is in Surrey: 

The Semiahmoo Library

These are only three notable vertical garden designers, guys. Do you know of any more amazing ones? Feel free to share!