...can bring back this year are smoothies.

I know, I know, smoothies never really "go out", but I have to admit, yesterday was the first of this year when I actually attempted to make a smoothie.

But let me stop for a minute here.

I also have to admit that once upon a time I tried making smoothies, but for some reason hated it - probably it was the overpowering taste of banana - I'm not a big fan of bananas, really.

Thus, I never attempted to make one again. That is, until yesterday.

Smoothies are great, guys.

I actually realized that the bananas are generally only used for the texture of it, and  that you can mask its taste with other yummy ingredients. (duh)

Anyways, here's a basic recipe for any smoothie, as far as I could see.

First, you will need to get your ingredients: half cup of milk, about 3-4 ice cubes, and bananas. Those are ALWAYS in it.

Now, since we had some nectarines at home, I decided to make a smoothie out of those, so I did the following thing:

sliced up the bananas, and placed them in the blender, accompanied with a cup of orange juice. When I got a nice smooth texture, I added the cut up nectarines (people generally peel them too, but I don't mind the peel, and I was also too lazy to do that...) and the ice cubes. Again, blend until smooth. The last thing you want to add is the milk, and once again, you will have to blend it all together - only now it will become all nice and frothy.

And there you go. Nectarine smoothie. (no, the pic is not mine... I'm disgusting, I'm drinking it right out of the blender...:P) 

Anyways, guys, this is not where you have to stop. 

It's pretty fun to experiment with smoothies - you can use all kinds of other fruits and ingredients to get that amazing taste you want. For example, although the strawberry season is over, if you still have some of those fruits, you can do the following: 

Once again, blend a banana, but this time add the strawberries too. Then, instead of the orange juice you can add half a cup of yogurt to it, a bit of honey and cinnamon, then of course the ice and the milk. 

Also, apparently you can add other - not so liquid stuff to it too. I've actually seen smoothies that have crumbled pound cakes in them. You know... instead of the yogurt. 

Of course these are all sweet ones. People didn't stop there either. 

Apparently there are quite a bunch of smoothies that don't use fruits, but veggies. I'm not really sure that I would love those, but apparently some people out there do, so here are a few ideas. 

Peel, seed and chop 2 cucumbers. Blend them with some lime juice, water, ice and sugar or honey. 

Also, as far as I can see ginger is a pretty popular choice too. And beetroot. For this one you will need a fresh beet, an apple, lemon juice, fresh ginger, and ice cubes. No milk, or yogurt or bananas... 

I know, I know... people eat some weird shit... But how about this one? 

Mexican coffee smoothie! 

For this one you will need some chilled espresso or any strong coffee, milk, sugar, cinnamon, almond extract, and ice. Blend them all nicely together, and voila... 

And of course this is not where you have to stop. (again) 

I've also seen smoothies made with peanut butter. Or kale. Or chocolate (of course, chocolate, yumm!), or maple, or cookies, or oatmeal, or poppy seed or spinach - or other veggies, like tomato juice and carrot juice and cucumber and celery and parsley and spinach and ice all blended together... 

And if you are fond of some spice, you can make some Mint- Jalapeno smoothie... 

Which goes like this: blend fresh mint, jalapeno peppers (preferably seeded), honey, a pinch of salt, 2 cups of yogurt and ice. Can be topped with toasted cumin... 

So what do you think guys? Are we ready for summer vacation?