...can more than likely say is that I'm pretty much done with Uni.

Today I had my last exam, and if the gods are merciful and I passed, it practically means that the only thing left to do is to present my dissertation.
Today we also have some kind of "graduation" ceremony for the Hungarian mastery students (in about 5 hours), which will probably be pretty boring, since... you know... they don't really know us and shit, so I believe it will be just a few random dudes saying random nice stuff.

I think the whole thing will be absolutely boring, but I'll be there because it's the nice thing to do :P

I just hope that I won't fall asleep, since I barely had about 4 hours of sleep this night  - I woke up early to look trough the stuff I had to learn one more time, and the sleep I had was kind of restless because I'm currently fucking sick.

That's another thing I have no idea how it happened - two days ago I was healthy and happy, without a problem. Then yesterday morning I woke up as if a train ran over me.

It's one of those weird colds too - I can barely breath and talk, and I'm coughing like mad; I just hope it's not bronchitis or pneumonia, although, again, I have no idea where I got this from.

Aaaanyways, to get into a good mood nowadays I've been re-watching a few Monty Python sketches, and this means that today you'll be getting a bunch of videos that I find hilarious.

1. A classic!

Everyone with a decent humor knows this scene. I find myself quoting it even in everyday life. It's freakin' random and effing funny. BURN HER!

2. The exploding penguin 

I have no idea how they made up all these stuff, but I love them for it. Also... intercourse the penguin! But what if it has an egg? :)))

3. French taunting 

Another classic from the Holy Grail movie. To tell you the truth, I have no idea why I don't place the whole movie here, since it's epic... Still, this scene never fails to make me smile. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. 

4. Hunting 

This is not the only sketch about hunting they have, but it's probably my favorite. Also, it brings to my mind Little Britain's short about Americans and their weapons :D 

5. Mister Hilter

Because nazi jokes are funny.... 

6. Dirty Hungarian phrasebook 

This is double fun for everyone who actually knows Hungarian :D (Mostly because it doesn't mean anything) And while we are on the topic of languages...

7.  Italian lessons 

8. Literary Football 

Since I don't give a rat's ass about football, and never really understood all the strategy and scheming that goes into kicking a ball across a field, I find this hilarious. 

9. Hell's grannies 

Make tea not love! (The baby snatchers had me in stitches) 

10. Ministry of silly walks 

All right, these are the first ten, although it was pretty hard to choose. There are a whole bunch of other funny ones I loved (the dead parrot, the funniest joke in the world, upper class twit, self defense against fresh fruit, execution in Russia, marching up and down the street, everything from the how to irritate people series). 

What about you guys? Do you like this kind of humor?