...can tell you guys is that today was pretty damn nice until now.

I'm not sure what is it about this day, but it has me feeling lazy and proud and happy and nostalgic at the same time.
And calm. Let's not forget calm.

It might be this sudden heatwave (I don't thing I've ever been this hot in my life) after almost two months of constant rain. Or it might be that It's almost 3 PM and I didn't eat or drink anything all day. Or the fact that I'm almost done with my dissertation, so the lazy days are almost upon me until I have to present it.

It might be that as I went to the Uni, talked to my professor and came back, I listened to some awesome songs. Or it might be that I got a whiff of something that I didn't smell since I was a kid and out camping near a forest.

Anyways, while on the bus back home I was trying to think about something that I could write about in today's post.

Of course, as things happen in these situations, my mind started wondering... and at some point I realized that I was juggling a single question in my mind.

What did common people talk about in the past?

I arrived at this question as Game of Thrones marched along my mind once again. A single scene stands out here for me - one where some men spend their evening in a... pleasure house? bar?

Of course with those people it generally came down to three things - fighting, drinking, fucking. The holy trinity.

It's not like they could read- and even if they COULD, I don't see what they would read besides a few letters (which, I imagine were short and to the point). Yeah, noble people, with huge libraries clearly had something to spend their times with, even when there weren't balls or wars coming up.

But what about the commoners?

It's funny how the common people are always the most numerous and somehow they are almost always forgotten.

So what did they do after a long day of working on the fields, or wherever else they worked at?

I wonder how many of them got absolutely bored with nothing else to listen to but what XY did yesterday. I know that it would get old quite quickly for me.

Also, how intelligent were these people? They were clearly intelligent enough to survive, to support themselves and their families, etc. But could you have an intelligent conversation with them? How deep did their thoughts go?

Did the commoners ever wonder about the things we are still wondering about - the meaning of life, what is out there in the universe, what could we still find on this planet that we didn't know before?

Sure, they must have had a whole bunch of entertainment options - feasts, banquets, jousts, tournaments, fairs, games, sports, hunting, etc. - but somehow these just don't feel like they are enough in terms of topics to talk about.

So what do you guys thing about this? Do you ever feel that those people must have been impossibly boring?