...have to apologize for is not posting anything yesterday.

It's not that I was way too busy to post anything (I wasn't THAT busy)... it's just that I'm really confused nowadays, and I actually forgot all about the blog.
This is what happens when you have so many things on your mind.

I was writing my dissertation till about 6-7 PM, when I got to a point where I had no idea how to continue, so I fired off a mail to my professor. Of course, by that time mom came home and she asked me to take care of some sour cherries while she had dinner (she was making jam), and then I had dinner, and I was like... well, since the professor didn't write back yet, I have a few free hours, so what should I do, what should I do..... and of course I remembered that I have an MMORPG sitting on my computer (yes, it's the one my friend asked me to try out with them), so... there. it. went.

Here's my advice to you guys. If you don't want to wake up sometime in the night, realizing that you barely moved an inch, you are half starving and you desperately need to use the bathroom, never, ever start playing a game.


This is something reserved for those who have no life (like me).

But anyways, let's get to the point of this post...  movies, and actors.

As in, what do you think your favorite movie would have been like if someone else got the part for the main character? Can't imagine anything as horrible as that? All right, let's see some cool examples.

1. Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

This was the movie that turned Johnny Depp from an awesome actor to the wet fantasy of the majority of the female populace, and half of the male one. But what do you think would have happened if instead of Depp, Jim Carrey would've got the part? Thankfully Carrey was too busy with Bruce Almighty at the time, so we got instead an awesome movie. Now, Carrey lost a whole bunch of other interesting parts in his lifetime (that we might feel grateful for). What parts, you ask? Well, here are only a few of them: Ferris Bueller, Edward Scissorhands, Buzz Lightyear, Gaylord Focker, Stu Shepard (From the Phone Booth), Buddy the Elf, Howard Hughes (The Aviator), or Willy Wonka. How many parts is that where he was fucked by Depp then? 

2. Bella Swan, Twilight 

There isn't much that I hate more than this series, but I can not deny the fact that I'm glad this chick got the part. One shitty actress for one shitty part... Imagine what would have happened if Bella would be played by Jennifer Lawrence. Thank god Lawrence pooped this one out - tho I still don't love her, she is WAY better than this role. 

3. Django, Django Unchained 

This was a pretty good movie all in all. Not something I would love to re-watch, but still. The fact that Franco Nero is a bad-ass made it all the more fun. But here's something you probably didn't know - Django could have been played by Will Smith. 

4. Rose DeWitt Bukater, Titanic 

Classy. I've seen the movie a couple of times, and even though it's not my personal favorite movie, I have to admit that the actors were perfect for the roles. Guess whose tits you would be able to see on it though... Gwyneth Paltrow's. 

5. Peter Parker, Spiderman 

Every time I see this guy I want to punch him in the face. I don't know why, but he annoys me a LOT.   I wish Spiderman would have been played by someone else - maybe then I would actually give a fuck about superhero stories. Anyway, the guy who was also up for this role was Freddie Prinze Jr. Eh, I guess he's just not that dorky... 

6. Han Solo, Star Wars 

Han Solo is one of those characters that everyone wanted. Kurt Russel, Sylvester Stallone, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino... all good actors, and all tough guys. But just take a second and imagine Walken strutting along with Chewie. 

7. Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins 

Another movie I never really cared about (still didn't watch any of the new movies), but who cares about my feelings when it comes to Batman, right? So who's the mystery guy that could have been hiding behind the mask? David Boreanaz.