...had some time today for was to visit the cinema.

I didn't know what to really think about this movie, and I wasn't sure at all that I will watch it in the cinema. But since I got a free ticket for it, I said fuck my cheap ass (dear god that didn't come out the way I wanted it to), let's go.
In case you didn't figure it out yet, I'm talking about After Earth.

So what do I have to say about this movie? 

Well, it was an OK film. It had me interested enough, mainly because my imagination always runs amok when it comes to this type of stories - about how could it be, if I made it up, mostly. 

Thus, I found myself thinking about totally different things while watching it, analyzing it and imagining what I will write in my review. 

As I said, it is a good enough movie if you have a slow night. It has a lot of running - in fact, it's almost the whole freaking film. Running at "school", running away from monkeys, running from aliens, running from birds and "winter is coming", of course. 

Which leaves me with a whole bunch of annoying questions  that I did not get the answers to, and if there's anything I hate when watching a movie, those are clearly noticeable plot-holes. I have a few for you guys who watched the movie - maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention and it was explained, so feel free to enlighten me. 

1. Howcome Earth has such a rich flora every fucking day, when at night everything freezes completely? 

2. What are the "hot spots", and how were they formed? 

3. Why are there monkeys and tigers in pine forests? 

4. How do they grow so big? 

5. Howcome 1000 years was enough time for people to develop machines that travel across the universe, holographic techniques and jumpsuits that change their colors according to movement and possibly temperature change, etc. while they couldn't make these jumpsuits from a fabric that keeps your body heat constant and doesn't freaking shatter in contact? 

6. What was the reason those aliens were there again? 

7. What do they do with people besides scare them and hang them all over the place to scare some other people? Do they eat them? They don't seem particularly intelligent... 

8. Why the hell did they include the older sister in the backstory if there wasn't good enough conclusion to it? 

9. Also, what is with the horrible ending? The ships flies off, the end? Not even another mention of the wife who is probably freaked out, or the father finally admitting that he is a dick? (One that I can understand, but these kind of people are generally not what makes up stories like these. I guess it's just a surprise). 

10. 1000 years in the future and the best weapon you can find is a sword thingy? 

And there we go, guys. Another Shamalalamamama movie. As I heard it was basically made so Will Smith can show how good of an actor his son is (he is not a big deal). 

All in all I give this move a 6 out of 10 and a bag of big fat nothing, because I didn't even buy a bag of popcorn for it (I'm still too cheap...)