...can tell you guys about myself is that I often dream about places I rather be at in this moment.

I know, it's not a huge surprise- everyone does it from time to time.
But I think that most of these people think about general ideas, like somewhere on a mountain or at the beach. Nothing concrete...

Thus, because today is a beautiful day and I'm still too sick to actually go outside, I daydreamed about cool places and cool stuff I would like to do right in this moment. Let me share them with you guys.

1. Reading a book on Dedon Island, Philippines

I admit, this is not exactly my ideal place, but I could still live here for a few weeks, without any problems. I found the pic on THIS site, that presents the whole island, with different villages and villas and the surroundings, so if you would like to see something amazing, head over there... 

2. Diving into a pool in Switzerland 

While surrounded by snow, of course! 

3. Being told a story in Bridges park, Ireland 

Bridges park - Ireland.

I'm not a huge fan of pink, but this place has a fairy tale feeling to it (as Ireland generally has). 

4. Having an adventure in a fern forest in Jamaica 


Fern Forest, Jamaica
photo via laila

Because this place reminds me of Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne. 

5. Having an Indiana Jones moment in Tah Prom Temple, Cambodia 

Pinned Image

I can almost see Tarzan :)))

6. Taking pictures in Landmannalaugar, Iceland 

Fluffy fields in Landmannalaugar, Iceland (by lieke_vssr).

Because now I know where the trees in the Lorax came from :D

7. Rowing a boat down this river in Whirinaki Forest, New Zealand 

Because fuck me if I won't visit New Zealand in my lifetime.