...happened to find today was an article about strange things found in rock.

And no, this post won't be about Jesus' face in your burnt toast either.
I used to love the thought of digging for ancient artifacts as a child, an I generally liked everything about ancient history. I guess History classes at my school were just not interesting enough for me to keep up the interest - and the nature studies I'm mastering now just proved that rocks and soil are definitely not my thing (I think whenever I failed to pass a test, it was a subject that had to do something with those things...).

Still, just because I'm not good at it, doesn't mean that I can't be fascinated with things found deep down - after all, weird things are always interesting.

Thus, I gathered up a few things that people actually found in rocks, that they have no idea how they got there. By the way, did I mention that these things actually have a name? Yep, they are generally known as Ooparts: out-of-place-artifacts.

1. Coso artifact

This particular artifact is said to be a spark plug of some sorts, and it is said that it was found in a hard clay rock in 1961, that was supposed to be 500.000 years old.

Of course, those are just the conspiracy theories speaking. Apparently, there were no actual studies done about the age of the rock this was encased in, thus saying that it was 500.000 years old might be a huge mistake. Also, according to some people the nodule surrounding the plug can fuse together in a matter of years or decades.

The artifact disappeared from public eyes in 2008, and since then it is unknown what happened to it. I'm guessing someone realized it was fake and got rid of it.

2. Vase

A bell-shaped vessel discovered in 1852 at Dorchester (Massachusetts, USA)

Another interesting story - in 1851, Scientific American reprinted a report from the Boston Transcript. This report said that they found a metallic vase, torn in two by a dynamite blast in a 100.000 year old rock. This vase was bell-shape, made of zinc and silver, and it was inlaid with pure silver. 

And as these things go, here are a few thoughts that we should take into account: first off, this is apparently Victorian style. Second, it was apparently actually found in the rubble after the blast, so there is no actual proof hat it came from inside the rocks.  

3. Roman heads

Oh, all right, it's not an actual head, it's only a statue. Still, what I found interesting about this is that it was discovered in freaking Mexico. Under two undisturbed cement floors that were untouched since the 1500's. 

So what do you guys think about this? Do you think that Columbus brought with him an ancient Roman artifact and buried it just to be funny? 

I don't think so, since the first time any white person reached Mexico was in 1519. 

So there we go guys... Before Columbus, Romans also discovered a new continent. Way to go. 

4. Aluminium Wedge 


I always found the lack of any interesting historical conspiracy theory around the place I live a bit of unnerving. I guess ancient aliens and future time travelers never really cared about Eastern Europe... 

Still, when I found this one I guess I got my hopes up a bit. 

This Aluminium Wedge was apparently found in Aiud, in 1974. 

A guy who generally wrote for Hungarian paranormal magazines said that it was found under 35 feet of sand, along with two mastodon bones. This would mean that the thing is at least 11.000 years old. Aluminium was not discovered until 1808, and it was produced in mass only in 1885. 

Sadly any more info on the subject is nonexistent, possibly because the stupid communists didn't like you digging around in the local history. Ah well, I guess I'm just relieved that our ancestors weren't too primitive to be included in stupid shit.