...have been wondering about is the destruction of books.

Here's a question of "morality" for you guys: is it wrong to destroy books?
I'm guessing that the majority of people who read this post quickly nodded their heads with a strict "hell yes" at the question.

Because look at our history... HUGE amount of books were burnt or otherwise destroyed in wars or just by some random asshole - and for some people this probably still causes some degree of pain.

Sure, most of those books were the only copy, thus they might seem invaluable now... no matter what they contained.

Wait a minute... sooo - if we would know that a book contains only bullshit, or something that's just plain weird and bad... should you destroy it?

Or, here's another situation...

Since in these times books are pretty common, and there are millions of copies of them worldwide. When it comes to bookstores and libraries - what do they do with these millions of copies of books... in case they can't sell them?

Because, let's face it: economically, destroying them would be the best option... (and not destroying them would eventually lead to us being buried under them)

And in light of that... what do you guys think about the following pics? (Because I really can't decide... I just hope they were made out of books like Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray. You know... the crap...)