...want to present to you guys today is the Potoo.

I am once again stumped when it comes to thinking up new topics to talk about, but thankfully I have some friends who usually help me out in these moments.
But let me not bore you with all that, and let's get down to business. As in, introducing the first prize winner of the "Mother Nature was drunk last night" awards.

Now, before I entertain you with pictures of a Potoo (I can barely even say that name out loud without grinning like a fool), here's a little info about it.

If you think that Potoo is a bad name, imagine this... they are also called Poor-me-ones because of the sounds they make. Oh, speaking of the sound, check it out. I swear, it will be worth it. It kind of reminded me of that viral video about that woman who falls when she is trying to stomp some grapes.

You know the one... where someone sounds like they are clearly hurt, but you just can't stop laughing...

Anyway, these birds are nocturnal ones, and they will probably remind you of really fucked up owls when you look at them.

They live in the Mexico-Argentina area of the world, and they can camouflage themselves during the day so well that it will be hard for someone who is not familiar with them to observe them... like, check this out:

There are a bunch of different types of Potoos, and you don't have  anything to fear from them - they eat insects and keep away from us as much as they can. 

And now... now comes the best part of it all. Let's hope this will get you in high spirits for the upcoming weekend, guys... 

And even with them looking like the world's every comedic show put together and printed out on a paper, you somehow can't help yourself but love them: