...realized these last days is that I'm royally fucked when it comes to reading.

I'm not sure what is happening right now, but I can say one thing: I can barely finish a book without getting bored.
I don't know why, I always had a thing for reading. Sure, most of my books were fantasy or sci-fi or generally just adventures... you know the ones - where you can sit back and be magicked away.

I guess it might be the fact that I was so concentrated on my studies lately, and whenever I had some free time I chose to spend it with something that doesn't require too much of brain use - like watching a movie, or playing a game.

But now, I'm not really sure...

After all, I'm kind of done with most of my studies (the only thing left to do is to present my dissertation at the beginning of next month, so until then I'm totally free) - and I still feel restless and bored at the same time.

I even got down to business on a forum I hang out nowadays (it's full with a LOT of very intelligent people- a lot more intelligent than I am, that's for sure), and asked for possible requests, thinking that maybe it was just because I'm getting bored of the book genres I tend to read.

It's not working.

Sure, they gave me a whole bunch of interesting looking stories I could look into, but for some reason I'm just not tempted to open a book right now.

Anyways, according to some of the comments I got on my post, there are quite a few people out there who "suffer" from this same exact thing.

Meaning that they were avid readers of exactly what I liked: sci-fi, fantasy... you know the whole package.

They admitted that they also have huge piles of books ready to be read at the first possible moment - I have probably hundreds of them myself, just calling my name -, but for some reason whenever they sit down they can't get past the first few chapters.

And you know you are fucked when it takes you a month to read a single book.

Anyways, this leaves me really, really frustrated.

After all, what does a bookworm have in the end, when he or she is bored of what generally makes him or her tick?

I guess they (we/I) would sit down and think about this for a minute.

I read that in the last 20000 years our brains were getting smaller. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean that we are all inbred idiots - after all, we don't really need those parts of our brains that our ancestors used to survive in nature - like how to hunt, or skin animals, or search for a good place where you could spend the night.

But then what is it? Am I intelligent, or am I starting to turn into one of those vacant eyed people who can't hold a conversation if it isn't about farting?

This is probably our biggest fear, isn't it, guys?

Idiocracy seems to be a real thing after this... I just hope I won't be here when it comes down to it.