...have to tell you guys is that I have a pretty bad memory when it comes to certain things.

I tend to not remember people that I find totally uninteresting, or just plainly unimportant. And yeah, as horrible as this sounds, this totally covers family members.
Of course, this doesn't mean that there isn't a nagging feeling in my that says: "you KNOW this person. You have seen him or her before. But who the hell is she/he?".

Thus, it would not come as a surprise is I told you that the same thing applies to actors too.

I have a TERRIBLE memory when it comes to actors. Really, guys. Like mistaking Tom Cruise with Brad Pitt terrible (probably because I don't give a flying fuck about those two).

Anyways, today I came to a little rescue for you guys who might be just watching a movie where some person seems vaguely familiar. Here's a short list of where you might have seen them before.

1. Jack Gleeson

Of course we shall start with a veeeeery popular one. This little guy played the role of a kid in Batman Begins. Check this shit out:

He did change a bit, didn't he? He was 12 years old in the Batman movie.

2. Matt Smith

Imagine this.

The Doctor... in bed with... Billie Piper (who was also his companion...)

Smith played one of the dudes Billie services as a call girl in the show "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". You can look at this show as a British Sex and the City, I guess. 

And I still can't get over the fact that the British acting community is so close-knit. 

3. Mark Addy 

All right, now this guy here has a bunch of movies from where you could remember him. For example, the pic you see about him up there was taken from The Time Machine. And besides that, he also paid a part in A Knight's Tale, Around the World in 80 Days, The Full Monty, and a whole bunch of TV shows. Like Robert Baratheon in the Game of Thrones. 

4. Andrew Lincoln 

Oh damn. How could we miss this one? 

Remember Love Actually? What am I saying ,of course you remember it. 

But do you remember Mark, the guy who probably annoyed you the most out of the whole movie? Yeah, that guy who was in love with his best friend's wife... The one with the annoying placards. 

Hey guys, now you can imagine this Marc as the totally annoying Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. 

5. Ralph Ineson 

Again, a GoT character you might recognize. No? Eh, don't be too surprised. He played Dagmer Cleftjaw in that series - a character not at all important at the time being. Well at least for those who only watch the series (for those who still have no idea who the guys is - he was the one who accompanied Theon when they went for Winterfell.) 

But anyways, the reason why he seemed familiar to you is that he played a whole bunch of different characters in movies that you probably watched. Like Steward Hart in the Titanic. Or Amycus fucking Carrow in the last three Harry Potter movies, or Ralf in First Knight. 

+1. Michelle Williams 

I had to add a woman here, just in case someone says I'm a sexist asshole. Anyways, Michelle here might be familiar to you if you watched the new Oz movie, or My week with Marilyn in 2011. What you probably didn't realize though, is that she also played young Sil in the Species movie. Yep, that's her on the pic above.