...I will attempt to do today is to cheer all you guys up.

And I'm not going to use false flattery either.
What do you guys think about science? It's fun and important, and above all else, it's true. Right? Of course.

Thus you will believe me when I will say the following things (and don't mind me if I said some of these once already. It seems people DO repeat themselves).

1. Boring old Earth.

Well, if you feel that Earth is becoming really boring all of a sudden, I have great news for you. Somewhere out there there are pretty amazing other planets that you probably never even imagined existed. For example, about 30 light years away from here there is a planet called GJ 436b.

The fun part of this planet is that it's really, really hot because it hangs around too close to its sun. Also, because of the pressure something interesting happened to it. The water on the planet became solid. 

Thus, we can conclude that this planet is basically made of burning ice.

But eh, I guess that would not be enough, would it?

I already mentioned the planet that's twice the size of Earth... and made up of diamonds, right?

Ah... something else then. Well. Speaking of diamonds...

How about this little fact: on Neptune and Uranus, it actually rains with diamond. Those planets contain large amounts of methane, which apparently turns into diamonds when it's under great pressure (and I imagine also other circumstances).

Yeah, but planets are boring whatever someone might say.

Well, all right, then. How about...

2. Stars.

Shooting stars, as a matter of fact.

And no, I'm not talking about boring old meteors.

These stars are called hypervelocity stars, and they have a mass that's similar to the Sun. 

But what are these? 

Well, scientists think that these stars come to existence when a black hole devours them and ejects its twin that starts zipping trough the universe at speeds you can't even imagine. 

But if this still doesn't cheer you up, let's get closer to us. 

3. The Big Bang on TV. 

NOT talking about Sheldon Cooper here. 

If you guys still have a classic black and white TV (or if you remember them), you'll also remember that sometimes all you would be able to look at was static. Now here's a fun fact for you guys. Whenever you looked at this static, you were actually looking at a little part of what remained of the Big Bang. 1% of this static is a result of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which is a remnant of the BB. 

But this might still not be personal enough. 

All right, I know it. 

Let's get a little bit more intimate. 

4. Us. 

Check this out, guys, what we are... 

First off, we all know that we are made of stardust. Right? Well, to make it sink in more, every one of us is 93% made up of stardust. 

Also, do you guys remember how cartoons usually have a lightbulb appear above a character's head when they have an idea? You ever thought about why that is? How bout this fact: when awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb. 

Oh by the way, speaking of lightbulbs and electricity. 

If we are all made up of stardust - atoms, really - we can basically conclude that at the end of the day every scientist out there studied itself. As in, atoms study themselves. 

Soooo. If we put all of this together... 

We could basically see a little part of ourselves every day on TV when statics come up. Some little part of us was sometime in the older days a part of a black hole that poops out shooting stars - or even a planet that was made of diamonds.