...was watching today is the new episode of the Teenagers react series.

I have a whole bunch of YouTube series that I watch and on Mondays I usually spend about half an our to an hour perusing what I missed and possibly checking out new channels that I would enjoy in the future.
Since on today's episode of this series they talked about Catching Fire (For those who don't know what it is, it's the second episode of the Hunger Games), and this gave me the idea of once again looking up some future movies.

Soooo, here we are, with me sharing what I'm actually looking forward to see.

1. Copperhead

This isn't that far ahead, as far as I know it comes out at the end of this month. It looks like a pretty damn awesome story about how people would react in a war, so even if I don't check this out in the cinema, I'm gonna look forward to seeing it. I think this will be a movie that's better if you watch it alone in a dark room anyways. You know... just in case. 

2. Pawn Shop Chronicles

This will probably end up being one of those "too fucking weird" movies, but it has some pretty damn nice actors in it, which makes me want to see it this instant. 

3. Blackfish 

Before all you GoT fans die of a heart attack, this is not a movie about THAT Blackfish. It is actually a documentary about an Orca whale - about their intelligence and how they were treated. 

4. Elysium 

Sci-fi is always good, and this seems kind of interesting. It reminds me of two things: District 9 and Deponia. Also, nice technology... 

5. The Butler 


This will be an amazing movie, I feel. Just... just look at that cast. And the story isn't that bad either... Are we looking at possible Oscar contestant? 

6. The Colony

Post apocalyptic world movies are kind of the thing nowadays. People eat this shit up. I'm guessing the reason behind this is exactly why there are so many "end of the world" prophecies. People are definitely waiting for something to happen that would finally change how the world works now - kind of like the calm before the storm? 

Also, people should really stop using those damn inception horns in their trailers. It's getting annoying. 

7. Haute Cuisine 

I would be an asshole if I said that this doesn't interest me at all. It does. Even if it's French (gasp). I have a feeling this will be actually a pretty good movie, considering that it's not only about food - but it is also based on the true story of President Francois Mitterand's private cook. Not that I have any idea who that president is (was?), but still - ah damn, I'll have to look him up now. Damn my historical and political ignorance. 

8. Ragnarok 

I find it refreshing that there are a couple of adventure movies out there that are about something totally different than Christian, Latin, Greek or modern American myths. It is high time that Hollywood notices that those are not the only people who have myths. Sure, Norse mythology is becoming quite popular, and I bet that soon enough it will stand besides those that I already mentioned, but I believe that Norse mythology presents the door to other cultures too. 

9. Delivery Man

I find this trailer hilarious, and I just bet that the movie will be pretty fun for one of those lazy nights. I kind of like the story from where it stats off. Really, what would YOU do if you discovered that you have countless of children out there that you never knew about (and that you might be the reason behind why humanity is facing overpopulation :D)

10. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

Since Jurassic Park is once again, popular, I couldn't leave this one out. It looks amazing (I especially like the fact that they are not using the out-dated looks of the dinosaurs), and as far as I can see it will also have a pretty nice story to it. I just wonder what will happen now with Pixar's future Dinosaur movie - are we really experiencing the return of these animals? Oh, did I mention that this one is produced by the BBC? Fuck yeah!