...think it's time for, are music videos!

I won't post too many of them, just to take off the edge and get you going until tomorrow...
But I felt that I needed to show you guys these videos, purely for the entertainment value.

1. Taylor Swift Caption Fail

Rhett and Link have a bunch of songs of this kind, so feel free to check out their channel if you dig this one.

As the video says, they sing popular songs, let YouTube 's captioning to see what they can get out of it - and then sing only the captions. I find it pretty damned funny, thought you might like it too :P 

2. A Character I Used to Know

The ease with which GRRM kills off his characters is becoming an ongoing internet joke, and why shouldn't it, right? It IS actually funny to realize how much you can come to love a not existent human being (Or even animals, for that matter). 

3. Game of Thrones theme (ska version) 

While we are talking about Game of Thrones stuff, I thought I will include this. I got the link to it from Boti (Who somehow always manages to find the weirdest songs out there). And let me tell you, this one is weird and amazing at the same time. 

I have no idea what it is about it - I can tell you that I don't like this style of music AT ALL (tho I had my fair share of it on weddings and other parties around here...) 

4. Alphabetical 26 Genre Song

This started out as a challenge for the guys, and they got quite a popularity after they released the video. I find they did a great job of presenting music genres (of the few genres I know, that is, because there are quite a few in it that are really new to me). 

Anyways, what do you guys think is the best genre out of these? 

5. We Are The World of Warcraft 

To close up this list, here's a song for all the RPG players out there (I would guess even for those who don't play WoW, like me). Still, they got Felicia Day to help out with it, so Kudos! 

And with that on mind, I'm off to play Neverwinter (yeah, yeah...).