...want to tell you guys that we now added a little doggy to our family too!

Yeah, we skipped the cat since we didn't want all hell loose in the house, and now we have a bunch of fishes, a budgie, a dwarf hamster and a Yorkshire!

She is still really afraid, barely moving, and she stinks like no tomorrow, but she is damn cute, and she will be awesome once sis returns with all kinds of doggy stuff for her. (It is actually hers since mom promised her one if she passed her exams on the first try.)

We don't have a name for her yet, and I guess I will have to mostly stay out of her way before I get attached to her... you know, for when I leave.

Anyways, I made a few pics of her - as I said, she really needs to be taken care of, but hey... for now we are just glad to have something new to care for (boy, I will really have to get my own house with lots and lots of animals in the future... I guess I have my next goal!)