...wanted to make today is a list about old cartoons.

Kind of in the manner of "do you remember these?"...

Because, let's be honest, there are quite a few toons out there that we all enjoyed to some manner of degree, but they somehow also managed to slip back into the unknown...

Thus, let's go on a little trip down memory lane.

1. Busytown

I have to admit that I've seen these mostly on Saturday early morning, and in summer I actually woke up early to watch cartoons. Yeah, I'm old enough to actually say that I was around in those times. Of course back then I mainly watched these in Hungarian, so I had to do a bit of research to find the originals, but hey, they were worth it! 

2. Babar

Oooh, this one was an amazing cartoon, I was practically in love with it. It was soo heartwarming and cute and scary and sad at the same time, that I always watched it with my eyes glued to the screen. Even now I can remember exact scenes of it - for example when the old lady is dying, the one where Babar tries to get into a gang of kids, or the one with the Phantom of the Opera. 

3. Simsala Grimm 

I think this one was a German toon, thus I could only find the ending song to it, but I remember this song quite clearly, and I remember also loving the style the old Grimm stories were presented to us. By the way, do you guys also remember the other classic toon - the Andersen stories? I thin it always started out with a possible writer or teacher visiting some kids and they were cartoonified for the sake of the story... 

4. Kwicky Koala

Holy shit! I bet you didn't remember this one, did you? 

5. Ozzy and Drix 

I have to admit, I kind of liked the movie too, but the series was in this case a lot better. And let's admit it, just like with the Magic Schoolbus, this show was quite clever. It presented how the human body functioned on a microscopic level in a way that was pretty damned fun to watch... 

6. Cubix

This one is one of my sister's favorites back when she was still around 7 years old - so yeah, it's a pretty recent toon, if you think about it. As you can see, it looks pretty lame now, but actually it was kind of fun... Weird, but fun. 

7. Arthur 

Yeah, this was a pretty good show, I have to admit that eve I watched it (I kind of watched cartoons for a looong time, telling everyone that it was because my sis watched them, but actually some of these I quite enjoyed). 

8. Marcelino Pan Y Vino 

:D Oh yeah, I went there. This was pretty entertaining, even though it clearly had some religious bases - it was set in the time when little orphan boys were took in by different churches. This one ends up in a monastery and he manages to drive the brothers there almost insane with his antics. Oh, and if I remember correctly his magic power was that he was able to understand animals... 

9. BraceFace

A fun cartoon for teenagers everywhere, BraceFace managed to catch most of our attention (even if it was only hidden... I know we were all embarassed at one point or another for actually liking this).