...thought I could make a list of are once again cartoons.

Since I'm in the topic of cartoons, why not try it again, right? Of course, I'm right...
Thus, what I came up with for you guys today is to gather up toons that rely on the old elemental rock-paper-scissors game.

1. Pokémon

Well, duh... probably the most well known one, even though it's not exactly superpowers we are talking about now. As far as I remember it started out with the three basics, water, earth and fire - and other elements were added to it trough time. I have never watched the series to the end (I have a haunch that they are still making it, tho I'm not really interested in it anymore), but the animals were quite cute nonetheless. 

2. Avatar: the last Airbender 

Sadly the original opening sequence can not be find on the internet ANYWHERE. I'm guessing that it gets removed every time someone attempts to upload it, because it is so freakin' popular. Anyways, not looking at the movie (the movie was one of the worst things I have ever see in my life), Avatar is a pretty damned good show for everyone. I highly recommend it if you have not checked it out until now. 

3. Sailor Moon 

I have to admit that I have never watched this show in my life - and I kind of don't want to check it out now either-, though it WAS quite popular in its days. I remember that girls outside my block were talking about it nonstop. Though this time, as you probably guessed it, the elements are not addressed as pure elements, they are instead represented by planets and things floating around the Universe. 

4. Captain Planet and the Planeteers 

This show is old enough to actually have a girl from the "Soviet Union" in it, but I guess it was not a problem seeing how it was generally about finally realizing that protecting the environment should be people's number one job. 

5. W.I.T.C.H.

This one was my sister's favorite cartoon for quite a long time, and I'm guessing that the makers of the show were all trying to write a series similar to Sailor Moon... meaning for typical little girls, and female teenagers. 

Sooo. What did I leave out, guys? Anything that you remember from your childhood that's a variation of this same theme?