...came across today was a cool video.

And because of this video, I decided that today's topic will be... Dum-Dum-DUUMMMM.

Well... not the full impersonation, just the fun "I'm talking just the way those guys are" kind of impersonation.

Let's get going (cause I'm in a hurry.........)

Christopher Walken is hilarious, no matter how you look at him, and Davind Attenborough's stuff is always funny - when you find him anywhere else but a documentary.

All right, then there is the following two videos... I swear, guys, this person is a genius! He manages to voice 100 different people in each of these two vids, so you will surely find something there that you'll like...

Aaaaand, after that I HAD to add Michael Winslow too, because what the hell would a list like this be without Michael? 

Here's a funny little interview with him... 

And of course, when it's Winslow, we have to HAVE this collection...