...think I deserve is a nice greeting from everyone.

I am now sitting in the Sunderland library... I have about 50 more minutes left of my full internet session, which is probably not too much considering all the things that I could talk about.

But back to the beginning, and the reason why I suddenly disappeared...

You see, a couple of month ago I was still searching for a job at home, and my computer just gave up on me. Dad, never one to give up on it, tried to get all my stuff back - yes, I lost everything -, so after about a month of fooling around he admitted defeat.

The computer was taken in to see if it can be repaired - it can't - and meanwhile I also managed to find a job... In England...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am in England (as you probably guessed from me mentioning Sunderland.

Anyway, things have been busy around here. Since I don't have a laptop to write my blog, changes will have to be made... I could try to occasionally come up here to the library and do some writing... It will not be an every day occurance, tho.

Also, since I never really logged into my blogger account, I have no idea how thing are view and follower - wise, and in the last two months I almost even forgot how to edit my posts... so please, forgive me for my errors.

All right, another 5 minutes gone, so let's get down to business.

And the most obvious choice is to write about the language barrier, so to speak.

Number one note... some people here think I have an American accent. Might be because I learnt the language from TV, but not really sure about the accent bit. I think an American would laugh in my face if he/she heard it.

Second note, it's hard but not impossible.

Yes, sometimes I mishear things, and in other occasions I don't even pay attention enough to actually know what someone is telling me (but this happens with my mother language too, so not complaining...). Then, there are the words or expressions that you probably don't understand because you didn't grow up in this community...

Like that time when someone asked me about five times if we had a "sweeping brush" and I looked like I came from another planet before I figured out that that's a broom...

There is then the part where some people talk really fast so you have to concentrate really hard so you can understand... anyways, it's all OK. It's fine...

I learnt quite a few things since I've been here too...

Like the trasportation should be solved by English people all over the world... (tickets bought from driver or machines at the station; bus/metro/train connections to everything, fast travel, rarely any running late, and no overcrowding)

Like you can do almost anything with an ID and a letter that has your address on it here (Romania, take a note!)

Like you should not give a rat's ass what someone looks like, because they might be wearing their full wardrobe right now because of the cold (Today I will put the blouse I used on the outside under my other blouse...)

Like hot water bottles are something that you look forward to all day long (and that it takes about four hours for them to get cold again, so you should fall asleep quickly)

Like it is acceptable to go to bed at 20:00 without any questions asked

Like you do NOT reuse a tea packet in a second cup - and take it out after a couple of dips into the hot water.

Like it's always the stupidest, most little things that you will miss from back home (baloney sandwitches, cuddling the tiny dog or drinking sana).

People ask me if I miss my home, and I always tell them no, not really. It's true, I'm not a people person, and I can just as well live anywhere abroad as back in Romania - you will find out that people adapt quite easily to new things...

Still, I will admit to being scared shitless the day I took my trip (first time on a plane, first time in England, first time to travel 100% alone in a foreign place, first time to meat new people...).

When I got off that plane back in London I felt frustrated and kind of stupid... I DID make quite a few mistakes that day (and still make some until this day, so my motto now became ''don't worry, you'll laugh about this later''), like waiting at the wrong place for my bags, not reacognizing it, buying the same train ticket twice, etc. etc.

Now it seems funny, but believe me it is anything BUT when you are there.

Anyways, for those who want to embark on a new adventure, I recommend doing this. It will be hard and terrifying at first, but there is nothing better to learn than going to another country on your own and trying to make something out of yourself after you depended on other people for the last 24 years of your life.

I'm happy, guys. I don't feel like life is pushing me back into my bed every morning, and I'm not depressed about being useless anymore. Even if my days are pretty boring on the whole, the little things are still worth it.

And now, I'm almost out of my time - internet time that is...

So I bid you guys farewell. Until the next time.