...can tell you guys about England, is that it's colorful.

Yesterday someone asked me what England was like... I thought for a few minutes about this question before I answered - as I always do when I'm chatting online with someone (it's one of the reasons why I prefer this type of talking... it gives me time to think things over) - and I came to the obvious conclusion, that if I were to describe it in one word, I would use colorful.

Now people will probably ask me why use that word? After all, I DO come from a country that has everything a country would want (even though it is sadly unused and not appreciated at the moment): sea, mountains, hills and plains, forests and large fields...

Yes, it's true, but it is still not as colorful as the country I am currently residing in (who knows for how long, though...?)

Both literally and figuratively.

As I told you guys in my anterior post, it's the little things that will matter in the future. When it comes to remembering what mattered the most, that is.

And for a person who comes from another country, every little detail will matter.

I don't think there exist a person in the world who will not try to compare the old with the new and try to decide whics is better, which can offer more and what are the differences - what could be improved?

I also mentioned the buses in the last post (and forget to mention how intimidating it was to actually have to press a stop button when you want to get off, since back in Romania they don't have anything like that... or if there is a button, it's only for emergencies) - for which I have to appologize now. It seems I did judge too quickly... Most buses I used this last week WERE late, and when I say late, I mean late by more than ten minutes. Ah shucks.

Anyways, back to the colorful bit.

Let me start with the literal bit. This Sunday I was taking one of the buses into Sunderland and as I do every time, I looked out the window with my mind completely dulled by the music blasting into my ears. Since the bus takes you right along the sea at some point, and since it was the middle of the day - not a single cloud around-, I was almost blinded by the Sun shining off of the water.

It was both annoying and pretty. And as usual, I never have my camera on me when I come across something pretty.

The sea kind of reminded me of Life of Pi (remember that scene in the movie where everything shines in orange and yellow?).

Then there are the sunsets. I prefer the ones where some clouds gather around the sun and they are cast in colors ranging from yellow to purple... Really nice, kind of like you would imagine only a photoshopped picture to be.

Also, I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but the grass is green here - people are actually cutting grass in the middle of november- and as my hosts assure me, it will be green all trough winter (well, with a coat of white when it will snow, that is).

Yesterday as I was walking the dog - it was already dark outside - I also noticed that my host family lived in the perfect place anyone would want to live in. The field is just close enough to the house not to be too terrified of going out in dark, and just far enough from all the lights that you could actually see the stars.

And as you already know, I love watching the stars...

As for the not so literal bit... it is colorful because of the many cultures living along mostly in peace... you know, without actually judging anyone. Most people around Romania will probably turn out to be closed minded old farts or annoying teenagers who do whatever they want anyway, so it's actually refreshing to be able to see all kinds of people out and about without being laughed at or being made fun of.

Now, I'm not saying that everything is all pink and roses here - as always, every country has its problems - but at least England is a few steps before Romania is a couple of things (as in, most things), so  I hope that one day we will manage to catch up to them.