...can tell you guys is that sometimes you just have to address different things at the same time.

It's not that unusual for me to start out with a simple thought and end up at a totally different place, miles away from where I started.
I'm guessing I am not unique with this - as if anything can be unique in someone (you must not teach your kids that they are special... they would be grateful for not being let down on the long run) -, so just try to keep up with me. You can call me crazy later :)

The first thing on the menu is that no matter how normal something seems to you, there will come a day when you will realize it is totally crazy.

In come a simple show on TV, in English called "Come Dine With Me". In case you don't know it, it's about five different people throwing a dinner party on five different nights in a row and at the end deciding which party was the best.

Upon seeing this, I immediately recognized the format on one of the shows I used to watch on Hungarian television (only they made it with celebrities), so of course I tried to make a connection. Only to realize that "Fish on a pie" does not sound too good.

Of course it would be hard to explain that it is actually a word-play (In Hungarian it's Hal a tortán, which I'm guessing comes from HAB a tortán - which in fact means cream on the cake, which in its turn means to top something good with something even better... you know, to make it awesome), so you will just laugh it off every single time it will come up in a discussion with the people to whom you mentioned it (and believe me, they will pass it on, because, come on, you guys are weird and funny...)

That being said, do NOT ever try to drink alcohol while there is something cooking in the oven - and someone else is trying to explain some things to you.

Now here is a "funny" story - I assure you I do not find it funny at the moment because I feel I'm in serious trouble (tho I think it WILL become funny once enough time passed).

Yesterday was a good day, and as such one should be prepared to make some mistakes right after waking up. Now, going to sleep with your mind buzzing from all the doctor who deliciousness while you drank yourself to a relaxed enough state to not feel the cold anymore... and with the smell and promise of pie for tomorrow, you are guaranteed to make a mistake.

My mistake was not looking in the fridge.

Because, apparently there were two pies, one for me the other for someone else and mine was in the fridge.

You might guess that when you wake up famished with a taste for some yummy pie you will
effing go for it.

I prefer to think that my bloodlust was kicking in and it overshadowed my thinking. Of course once satisfied you WILL wake up to the horror of the leftovers in front of you, while your face and hands are covered with sticky, meaty goo (who would even bother with a fork).

Well fuck. my. life.

(Does anyone know a good meat pie recipe to replace it please?)

Oh and talking about a sticky, meaty goo... (also doctor who... oh dear it rhymes, get the New York Times)

Did everyone love last night's movie as much as I did?