...I did today was to take a nice long walk along the beach.

I went a bit further than on other occasions this time - further even than the Frenchman's Bay, and managed to see quite a couple of interesting things along the way. Here are some of the pics I took...

Same old beach

You should hear the sound of the waves, it's magnificent...

Love the colors in this one.
Poor Leo was so exhausted, the first thing he did when we came home was to go to sleep.

Others were out too

A couple of waves

Not sure how I managed this, but I like it :)

Tides were not in yet

It doesn't seem like it, but that cliff is really far away

Wave in

Wave out

And waves on solid ground
My geometry professor would have a field day

The only thing this needs is some fire
I wish I knew what these buildings were for - they are all closed now (maybe mines?)
Or smuggler hide-outs?
Past life

Those are all INSIDE the rock

Same with these
Not even sure...