...could never understand, is why Jackie Chan doesn't know any English.

I mean, he is surrounded by Americans, and he had to learn a bunch of English words for his acts. How come he never learned it? If I were in his place, even if I would be a complete retard I would probably pick up a few things.

And it's not like English is so hard to learn, either. especially nowadays what with all the movies, and the technology. I just can't put my hands on the guys who spend so much time in a different culture and still can't differentiate the words cheese and freeze. (Yeah, I was reading 9gag again)

I know, I know, I make mistakes too... Like yesterday when I used the word "corn" instead of horn. But! Jackie Chan just seems soooo stupid sometimes.

And speaking of stupid... I was going to make a list of stupid Facebook statuses, but then I thought those were a bit old... Instead, here are some funny YouTube comments! Enjoy!