... find weird, is that after writing yesterday's post suddenly a random episode about fear comes up in 4400.

Not sure how predictable that is, since - I guess- the people do develop some superpowers in it. And after having a person develop the power to give someone great dreams, it was bound to happen that there will be someone who will bring forth someone's worst nightmare...

Okay, so it was a little bit predictable. I don't really care, though, because the episode still had a great twist in it.

And since nowadays I keep going on and on about this show, here are a couple of quotes from it.

Richard Tyler: [to Lily] I'd give up another 53 years if it meant finding you again.

Tom Baldwin: "Cult" is what a big congregation calls a little congregation.

Jordan Collier: Well what can I do for you this afternoon, Lily '93. Don't worry, it's not a line, though I do have to say that you're the most attractive abductee I've seen this afternoon.

Dennis Ryland: Don't you hide behind freedom of the press, what you do isn't journalism, it's shouting fire in a crowded theater and you're gonna stop before the stampede begins.

Kevin Burkhoff: I spent six years in a mental institution suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and you pulled me out of it into the middle of a conspiracy!

Tom: You disappeared. Do you have any idea where you've been?
Jordan: Everywhere. I have been everywhere. I've been alive for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

Jordan Collier: The war for the future will be fought in the past.

Diana Skouris: My mother always wanted me to hit it off with a cute doctor, but move again and I'll pull this trigger.

Diana: So am I a genius or am I crazy?
Marco: We don't make that distinction in here.

Jordan Collier: We're not a threat, we're salvation. The world will have to deal with us.

Shawn: Me and 4,399 of my closest friends popped out of a ball of light right about here.

Diana- Normal, whose normal anyway?
Maia- You are.
Diana- Me? Well let me tell you something about normal people like me: They just wish they were special, like you.

Jordan: The time has come for this city to begin healing. I never intended promicin to spread this way, but the sacrifices of the past few days have not been in vain! This tragedy, terrible as it may have been, had meaning, and those who died, are the heralds of a new age!
Thousands upon thousands of you have new abilities, and in time, you will all contribute to this movement. A movement that now claims all seattle as its home!
We stood by the city in its hour of need, and we will now guide this city into the future. We're all miracles,
every one of us, and together, we will do wonderous things.
I've spoken to the world before of heaven on earth. Many of you thought it impossible, but now, I'm convinced, we will see it in our lifetimes!

Jordan: The end of one journey is always the beginning of another. Change is painful, and always comes with a cost. It hurts to bear those costs, but we can't allow that to sway us. Tomorrow is a mystery; the only thing we can do is face it with resolve. We move forward, always forward and into what's next. We make a choice, we act on that choice, and all that's left is to live in hope.

Jordan Collier: That part of you that is human, it is much smaller than the part of you that's not, and your struggle to keep it alive will fail

Jordan: I'm no messiah. I'm more like James Brown.
Shawn: James Brown? Wasn't he a really good dancer?
Jordan: He surrounded himself with cats who believed as he did, who were willing to do anything, and that kind of groove can change the world.
Shawn: He was a groovy cat.
Jordan: Yeah. But he couldn't dance like I do.

Shawn: Half of the planet will die! You're talking about mass suicide!
Jordan: I am talking about a single generation of sacrifice, and at the end of it, a more fully evolved species.

(If you didn't notice till now, I love Jordan's character. No surprise that he is a cult leader... I guess I would join him without a thought too :D )