... told you guys yesterday, is that there's quite a huge cult in 4400.

And since it was too long a time since I made a list, today I'm going to talk about some of the most idiotic religions out there.

Also I don't care if someone gets insulted by this.

First off... Scientology

It's basically about aliens taking over your body and whoever gets to an advanced level in this church gets to eliminate those aliens.

I'm not exactly sure how people actually get swayed to join this cult, but apparently it has a bunch of well known people in it.

People like Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes, Elisabeth Moss, and John Travolta... In fact quite a lot of actors and musicians.

They aren't exactly hiding it, either. It's pretty well known where their money goes, and since they are so open about it, I guess it's easy to bring in more people.

Which is very much okay for the leaders of this church. Apparently they won't hold back with asking you for money.

The second crazy as fu*k religion is Mormonism.

They believe that Jesus visited America. Also that there are a bunch of different Gods with a world of their own and if you are good enough you can become a God yourself.

Also, there are a bunch of them practicing polygamy which is freakish in my opinion. Now I usually don't care who marries who and who fu*ks who, but why the hell would you even marry if you have a bunch of other lovers?

Also whoever want to be in a relationship like that is probably insane. Sharing the same person with a bunch of other people just so that person can feel good about himself is pretty fu*ked up.

Mormons in my opinion make Scientology look sane.

The sad part is, more and more people are joining in.

The third one is the Jedi Church of Jediism.

Yes, this actually exists, and it's getting more and more followers. I'm not sure who the hell came up with this thing, but I kinda think it was started as a joke.

Sadly people are starting to think about this seriously. Now I just wish someone would come up with the Temple of the Sith Lords so they could eliminate each other.

I mean... come one guys, you have to realise that was jusst a movie... are you really so fu*ked up that you can't make the difference between real life and some made-up stuff? (I never liked Star Wars, but this just makes it worse)

The fourth religion is Pastafarianism , which at first glance sounds neat, but when you look at it more closely is even more insane than the jediism.

In fact, this religion has as God a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Yes, you read that correctly.

Actually this religion was made up as a parody against other religions, and people joined is as a joke. Sadly, there are some of them who actually believe in the existence of the benevolent god, and they went as far as adding another character to their mythos: a Parmesan cheese sprinkling of strange legitimacy.

The best part in this is that they actually made up a religion that's against religion.

The fifth crazy religion out there is Koreshanity. This one says that the Earth is actually hollow, and we all live in it. That the stars, and the moon and everything you see around you is just an illusion.

Now, I'm not saying the people who believe in these things are basket cases, since the things people actually believe all around the world is mostly insane... yes, even Christianity, and whatever else religion comes to your mind.

We are all pretty crazy all in all, and sometimes I actually think it would be better if we were to go back to he place where the only thing people believed in was that you needed to keep your farmlands healthy for you to be able to survive.

In fact, what I think about all of this is the following. I wish all those guys who spent their time convincing people to join some useless cult that won't do any good to anyone, would've actually done something useful for a change.

Because let's face it... they HAD the talent to convince people of their shitty ideas...

And convincing an intelligent person that he is actually an alien would take a little bit of that talent.

For those of you who want to get a little peek at some religions, here is the link to wikipedia.

Now I'm off to consider joining either the religion of the invisible pink unicorn, or the last Thursdayism.