... thought I would be able to do is to avoid talking about the Oscars today too.

Alas, I couldn't stop myself.

First off, let me tell you guys I have absolutely no idea why I keep watching these shows. They usually tend to make me at least a little bit miffed. Even though in most of the cases the winners could be predicted, this years show failed to make me cheer.

Not that any others made me happy either.

The funny part is where you actually know that one or the other movie is better than the other, but you also know that it won't win over it, because the academy is -as yesterdays post suggested- full of white rich people giving out awards to others of the same kinds.

And this is why I mostly hate Oscar winner movies.

Also, here let me tell you this, I noticed a couple of times that Billy Crystal incorporated these thing in his speech too - yes, as a host it was told in a flippant, trying-to-be-funny way, but I could actually feel the bitterness behind it.

Also, I still feel they need a much better show next year. The whole of it was just a little bit dry this year too... although not as bad as it was before, it still failed to make me laugh out loud.

There were only a couple of puns in it that were delivered awesomely, and when Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are the ones to actually make something funny, you know the show is only going downhill. (I'm sorry, but for some strange reason I don't find Ferrell funny at all. For me he's somewhere along the lines of Sacha Baron Cohen and whats-his-name Austin Powers. Crappy comedy, for stupid Americans...)

Also, for some reason people found it funny when Sasha tipped an urn-full of whatever the hell powder it was on Seacrest. What I thought of this was that if I were in Seacrest's place I would have probably punched the guy in the face for his trouble.

Then again he got what he wanted, everyone is talking about him, so it's free promotion for his new really crappy movie.

Now, I have to admit I have a little bit of a sadist in me. I usually love to watch live shows to see people fu*k up on live television. It makes me feel better inside.

This year I managed to see Jennifer Lopez's half tit. It made me want to scream at her to cover it up already. For some reason though, even she was on stage for quite a long time no one actually managed to tell her to just fu*kin adjust her dress. Considering this I'm going to go with the version, that she intended it that way. Either that, either everyone at the Oscars were having so much fun being flashed, they didn't have the time to look away from her nipple.

Also, another little mistake was when the Cirque du Soleil was doing their show. I managed to see one of the guys slip up and fall from his perch atop another guy. And quite frankly, being the legendary Cirque du Soleil I was expecting more than they gave us. It was quite a boring show they managed to put together...

Now, after all of these- and only having 3 hours of sleep because my phone didn't stop ringing this whole morning (amazing how no one will call you or send you a message for weeks, and just when you are about to have a great nap everybody remembers you exist. Especially when all they want from you is to take your money.), I'm going to check out this year's Razzies. Oh dang, I wish they had the show on T.V... (The fact that Breaking Dawn is on the list of the worst movies ever makes the day for me)