...told you guys is that I hated my religion teacher in school.

I used to question her about what she was trying to teach us, and for some strange reason she didn't like that. Which usually showed on my grades - most of the times they were at least one grade lower than everybody's else.

Now though, I have to admit she was right on one account. She used to say that every year, a few weeks before Easter there will be a new article that will question Christianity.

And sure as hell, today when I opened up my web browser there it was... an article that says some people discovered that Jesus wasn't resurrected at all. (stupid clerics always ditching you when they are needed)

Apparently they discovered a tomb where Jesus was buried and where he apparently rotted away just like anyone would. This cracked me up so much, I can't describe it to you.

I'm pretty sure this article is just another sensationalist hoax, but still... if it were real it would be freaking awesome. Just imagine the whole world going berserk over believing something that wasn't even real - with undeniable proof this time. (Though if evolution didn't convince them until now, I'm not sure what will)

Also it makes me laugh every time I look at the comment section. There are sooo many crazy people out there who shouldn't even be allowed in front of a computer. There are of course lots of trolls in places like this - and I still say there is no better way to have fun than to actually piss off other people on the internet.

Because let's face it, there still are people out there who take every little thing to their heart, even trough the internet. And they usually react with writing back, which just feeds the trolls further.

And quite frankly... the biggest troll in this world is not one single person, but religion as a whole.

Now, I apologize for not posting the link to the article - it's in Romanian, and for some reason whenever I put the link here it wouldn't open it up again. I shared it on my facebook page, though, so whoever wants to read it, feel free to browse.