...attempted today was to cook cauliflower soup.

I have to admit, it was my first time doing this, so of course I was a little bit nervous about the whole thing. I didn't actually look up any recipes for it - I just used my basic knowledge in cooking.

Now let me tell you, it was a whole new kind of adventure. First off I cooked the vegetables in salty water... and noticed I almost ran out of both salt AND vegeta (a spice mix).

I also managed to peal some potatoes and onions for the letcho (this was actually my second attempt to cook that, so I mostly knew what went wrong with my first attempt). I used all of the salt on cooking those separately, so I had to improvise after that.

Now, there is nothing wrong with improvising. Hell, sometimes you can make something even better just by improvising. Of course, for that you need to at least be able to taste what you are cooking.

Which currently I can't. I caught a cold this last week and now I can't even smell anything... which I only realized after everything was supposed to be ready. (I only taste the food once it's almost done to determine if something is missing)

So now I'm stuck with eating whatever I cooked up... and waiting for the family to show up to criticize it. I also managed to make a mess of the kitchen - I think I'm taking after my father who messes up the kitchen so badly after every cooking, I have to wash the dishes for at least half an hour till I'm trough with them.

Aaaaanyways... since today is the first of March I'm just going to give you guys a little something. Here in Romania there is a little celebration on this day... we are celebrating the start of the spring! (Oh thank god, finally)

In our family March is usually full with celebrations- which you will see in the next few weeks.

As for today's celebration. If you want, you can read up on it here. I'm only going to explain today's gift.

This little decoration is called a "Mărţişor". It is said that whoever wears it will be strong and healthy the whole year.

May we all have a fertile and rich year!