... am sorry to say, is that today I don't have the time for a long post.

I managed to laze away the day with some random writing, and watching The Amazing Race, and... you know... going to class.

Don't be so surprised. It was the first day of class for me in this term, and apparently I finished until next Friday.

There should've been a class tomorrow too, but since when the professor asked us, if we are going no one told him yes, he proposed to just meet next week.

Amazing, because this way I won't feel guilty for just sleeping trough his class tomorrow morning. And because today (in a few hours) I'll be going to a party... (A surprise party at that, so I'm not going to post this to the Facebook wall yet, so my cousin won't see it).

Anyway, Emőke showed me something really cool today, and you can thank her for this post too... Without the videos I'm going to share in a moment, there wouldn't be a post today at all.

So, here is what she gave me:

Fang, she is my new favorite musician. She has a lot of energy, and I love her stile! Here's a couple more videos from her! Enjoy!