... wanted to get over and done with is today's post.

For some strange reason what I feel today about this whole blog is annoyance. I'm pretty sure that I'll get over it eventually, but at this right moment it's just something I know I HAVE to do, and not something I actually WANT to do.

I guess I'm the only one to be blamed with this, though. Always wanting things I can't have, and when I get it, or somehow make it real I lose interest in it quite quickly. I guess this is why I usually don't finish any of my stories either.

I get bored too fast of it, or I just don't think it trough how long it would take to actually end up at the place I want to get to.

And the funny thing is, that if I would start rereading any of the stuff I wrote I would decide it was a piece of crap and start over again, with new ideas... and I would swear to myself that this time, this time I WILL finish it up.

This time I will make it happen, this time I won't let anything distract me.

Only to get caught in the same net again... and start the loop over.

The thing is, I know somewhere deep down it would happen again... and I don't really care.

A few days ago while I was chatting over the Goblins stream site someone said that King's novels always start out amazingly good and in the end he just starts going berserk on his characters as if he were bored out of his mind, and needed to just get on with it. And all the while his shorter stories are really good...

Maybe I will need a way to focus all those ideas in something a little bit shorter. I didn't quite figure it out how yet, but it'll come to me... At least I hope it will.

Meanwhile I need you guys to be patient with me. You can go ahead and suggest things to me, but I'm really not holding my breath... if you didn't comment till now, I'm pretty sure you won't start now.