... actually can't wait for, is to finish today's post.

I'm home for about an hour now, just checking whatever happened around the world these past hours, and avoiding going on VPlay.

For those who have no idea, what it is, it's a Romanian internet site that houses hundreds of TV shows. Yes, that's the place I'm usually watching my shows nowadays, but today I promised myself I won't be sucked in its world until I actually finish posting something here.

And believe me, this is quite a huge deal. I've been on edge since yesterday morning, waiting for the next episodes of OUAT and TAR, and since I had some work to do today morning I couldn't get my fix on time.

Now, since I managed to finish my walk trough the news on the internet and came across the new 'kids react to' video, I thought it would be well received to switch a little bit from all the creepy posts from last week and post something fun.

So, did anyone of you ever accepted the challenge to try and watch a video without laughing? This challenge is pretty well-known around the internet nowadays... even more well know than the popular cinnamon challenge.

(For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the cinnamon challenge is a dare game where someone attempts to eat a spoonful of cinnamon without spitting it out... here's a video about it)

Back to the topic at hand... laughing challenges. I'M going to challenge you guys to watch the next videos from start to the end without any skips... without laughing.

I actually took the challenges too... and let me tell you, I failed miserably at all of them. (These are best if you have never watched the videos before... you know... so they can take you by surprise)

Here are my results, along with the videos I watched.

I lasted 19 freaking seconds on this one. I have to admit, I already saw this video and I knew what was coming... and even though the kid was really cute, as soon as the second guy came on screen I erupted.

I'm not one of those people who can control themselves, sadly. This second video had me cracking up at exactly the first second. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the video but the music that was at fault...

Fu*k, on this one I actually lasted until the 23rd second. I'm not even sure this is my kind of a humor, but for some strange reason today everything just cracks me up. (And I didn't even drink yet!)

All right, I actually managed to get to the one minute base on this one... it's either because practice DOES make perfect, either because I'm just too anxious to go watch my TV shows to look at videos like these.